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SiC & GaN Power Switching Devices

Leading semiconductor player wanted to understand power switching devices market for diverse...

Ultra Low Power Nodes

Leading electronics component manufacturer wanted to understand technological advancements in ultra-low power nodes and the...

Lightning in IOT

Leading consumer electronics manufacturer wanted to understand technological transformation of IOT lighting from traditional...


Waste Heat Recovery

In order to maintain leadership position, leading automotive supplier explored current state-of-art in waste heat recovery...

CO2 Emission Regulations

Automotive supplier wanted to understand current CO2 emission regulations and their impact on their existing and future product...

Human Milk Components – Is This Real Substitute for Breastfeeding?

Life Sciences

A mother’s milk contains all the essential nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, fat, vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes...

FutureBridge Insider Trends

On Demand Webinar | Chauffeur, Concierge, and Big Brother: New Business Models & Services in Mobility

Mobility Connected Mobility

From driving to being driven. The future of vehicle as a service. Tech enablers and ethical automation. With the digitalization...

On Demand Webinar | Cockpit of the future: 2022

Mobility Autonomous Mobility

Driver and passenger experience are being transformed rapidly to reach a new level of safety, convenience, wellness and...

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