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Mobility Autonomous Mobility

Weak Signals – Identifying Your Future Opportunities

Across industries, the future holds opportunities that need to be timely identified. Weak Signals - Identifying Your Future...


Green Steel – Road To Cleaner & Sustainable Future

Steel, one of the key materials on which our modern world is built, comes with a severe problem of energy-intensive production....

Life Sciences

Disruptive Innovations Shaping the Future of Adoptive Cell Therapies

The therapeutic potential of cell therapies is an established fact, but whether will they be able to overcome challenges posed...


Mobility-as-a-Service: Future of Mobility Industry

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Reformulating Nutrition – Transition of F&B to Nutritive Products

Food and Nutrition

The F&B industry is seeing the emergence of a wide range of players including electronics and biotechnology players who are...

Skin Minimalism – Impact on the Beauty & Wellness Industry

Chemicals & Materials

The personal care market is constantly evolving, tempting consumers to try every new product which leads to a rise in extensive...

Biofuels: Opportunities & Challenges

Energy New Energies

Substituting fossil fuels with renewable alternatives such as biofuels is an efficient way to reduce carbon emissions and...

Emerging Technologies of Sugar Reduction: Searching for a Sweet Success

Food and Nutrition Nutrition and Wellness

As food makers look to develop better-for-you options that are lower in sugar they are seeking out innovative approaches to the...

Functional Foods – Probiotics

Probiotics are the highest-researched and patented segment of functional foods. The research in the probiotics space varies from...

Future Opportunities in Functional Foods

Food and Nutrition

The functional food market is expected to be approximately a USD 268 Bn market by 2027. A large section of the population is...

Miniaturization Making Big Impact In Diagnostics

Life Sciences Paradigm Shift in R&D

The overall healthcare ecosystem is moving towards small set-ups from larger & complex set-ups, lead by innovations in the...

Emergence of Cannabis in Mainstream Food and Beverages

Food and Nutrition Nutrition and Wellness

With more consumer acceptance and relaxation in the regulatory norms revolving around cannabis-infused products, the cannabis...

Melamine – the ‘Avenger’ for Carbon Capture Technologies?

Energy Carbon Neutrality

We all have heard about Marvel’s Avengers and its popular character Tony Stark – the tech genius a.k.a ‘the Iron...

Lithium-Sulphur Battery: A Breakthrough towards Net-Zero Economy


For decades, Lithium-ion battery technology has revolutionized a wide array of industries in consumer electronics, industrial...

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