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Mobility Autonomous Mobility

Weak Signals – Identifying Your Future Opportunities

Across industries, the future holds opportunities that need to be timely identified. Weak Signals - Identifying Your Future...

Energy Carbon Neutrality

Decarbonizing the Steel Industry

Steel production is energy and carbon-intensive, emitting 4.06 gigatons of CO2.  A major part of the emissions in the...

Food and Nutrition

Sugar Gummies – Reinventing as Healthy Sweets

Sugar-reduced gummies especially vitamin and mineral supplement gummies are becoming increasingly popular across the globe. One...

Chemicals & Materials

Skin Minimalism – An approach towards beauty & wellness

Skinimalism is a movement toward embracing your real skin — less makeup and fewer beauty products (less is more) — and allowing...

Methane Pyrolysis : Turquoise Hydrogen


Methane pyrolysis, also known as methane cracking or turquoise hydrogen, is the high-temperature breakdown of methane into...

Non-Invasive Techniques in Aesthetics

Life Sciences Minimally Invasive Surgeries

In recent years, non-invasive aesthetic techniques have grown in popularity as the need for cosmetic treatments that are secure,...

Biofuels: Opportunities & Challenges

Energy New Energies

Substituting fossil fuels with renewable alternatives such as biofuels is an efficient way to reduce carbon emissions and...

Emerging Technologies of Sugar Reduction: Searching for a Sweet Success

Food and Nutrition Nutrition and Wellness

As food makers look to develop better-for-you options that are lower in sugar they are seeking out innovative approaches to the...

Behind the Hype of Software-Defined-Vehicles


Innovation in exponential technologies opens new opportunities in software-based and data-driven mobility. As the value of...

Future of Skin Rejuvenation

Chemicals & Materials

The demand for noninvasive skin rejuvenation continues to gain popularity for restoring a youthful face and body appearance,...

Miniaturization Making Big Impact In Diagnostics

Life Sciences Paradigm Shift in R&D

The overall healthcare ecosystem is moving towards small set-ups from larger & complex set-ups, lead by innovations in the...

Current and Evolving Management of Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma

Life Sciences

Wondering how to improve your pharma R&D business for hematological malignancies such as NHL, and DLBCL, using...

Opportunities in Mobility 3.0


The movement of people will change dramatically in the next ten years, driven by increasing urbanization, digitalization...

Next Gen Chocolates – Consumer Driven Innovation

Food and Nutrition

Indulgent snacks, chocolates, and related confectionery items have been popular among consumers across nations. Yet, the need...

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