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In the last decade, the emergence of innovative technologies, pricing pressures, increasing regulatory and reimbursement bottlenecks, and changing disease patterns has forced the industry to take up untraditional paths to ensure profitability and better clinical outcomes, one of such approaches is changing the business model. These business models evolve around “beyond the sole product or service concept/combination of product and service”, data monetization due to digitalization, homecare & self-care, and others.

FutureBridge engages with the academia-start-up communities and larger players to identify, screen, benchmark, and continuously monitor external innovation space closely and recommend emerging trends to capitalize on the opportunities


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Business Objectives

Some examples of diverse business objectives we have worked with our clients


  • What are the future evolving business models that would become mainstream?
  • What kind of reimbursement models may evolve for digital therapeutics?
  • Which patient engagement strategies have been successful for chronic diseases?


  • What are the different models for value-based treatments for breast cancer?
  • Which are the collaboration best practices from “drug and device combination” and outcome-based treatment?
  • How companies are addressing operational challenges while adopting new business models?


  • What are the attractive patient engagement models for prescription-based therapies?
  • What will be the best partnership model to overcome regulatory challenges in the LatAm markets?
  • How are companies collecting, measuring, and benchmarking user information to enhance continued patient engagement?