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Uniquely, we combine research, advisory and technology adoption to provide the active insights that drive the growth of global organizations seeking or challenged by change.

We deliver on-demand, pro-active, strategic, tactical and executional insights on evolving technologies and markets.

Whatever your industry, we can help you bridge the gap between the major issues you face today and the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. We help future-proof you by constantly analyzing what’s really going on, both within your own market and across those that can impact you. We equip you with the solutions you need to succeed in the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) future that lies ahead.

  • We’re changing the game.
  • We’re reimagining the future.

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Our clients tell us it’s our ability to combine deep technology and market insights while advising on strategy, tactics and execution that makes us not just different, but better.

We build our approach around you

We already know one very important thing about you. We know that, whatever you’re looking to achieve, it will be unique to you. Which is why we weave the different strands of our methodology around your particular requirements, creating the perfect fit.

We go deeper and further to create powerful solutions through:

  • Our unique combination of techno-commercial insights and technology adoption expertise.
  • The deep technology know-how of our in-house, inter-disciplinary vertical domain experts and horizontal technologists across industries. They speak your domain language.
  • Constant conversations with established players, start-ups, technology owners and adopters, academia and experts across industries and value chains globally.
  • Accessing our global network of experts, selecting the relevant specialists and mining their intelligence. In the unlikely event that there’s a knowledge gap in our network, we’ll find the right person for your needs.
  • In-country research on the ground, engaging with industry players across the value chain.
  • Drawing from our vast wealth of actionable insights, analyzing the continually updated information in our TechnologyAdoption and Commercialization Center.
  • Combining all of the above insights with deep analysis of inventions, patents, scientific and market data.

We create customized solutions that fulfil your specific requirements.

Delivering on your requirement determines which of these elements – and the degree of each – that we employ. But what remains constant is what we do with our findings. We take all our learnings, then subject them to rigorous interrogation, cross-referencing and deep analysis to extract the consolidated, value-rich, easily understandable and highly actionable insights and opinions that make a difference.

Our clients find this approach invaluable, and tell us we’re unique in the way we do it. Unanimously cited as one of the reasons they not only like working with us, but continue to work with us repeatedly, our clients consider our unique methodology to be a key differentiator.

Easy to collaborate and work with, we keep you in the know

If it’s to be of any value, an inquiry into the future is, by its very nature, a journey into the unknown. Our clients come to us seeking clarity out of uncertainty. But nobody wants this journey to end in an unwelcome surprise. We keep you in the know and in control through a series of checkpoints. At key stages, we update you on where we’re at, what we’ve found and what the impacts could be for you.

Our clients find this approach invaluable, and tell us we’re unique in the way we do it.

We identify specialist experts globally and mine their intelligence. We conduct in-country research on the ground, engaging with industry players across the value chain. We draw from our vast wealth of pro-active insights, analysing the continually updated information in our Technology Adoption and Commercialisation Centre. Having exhausted every insight source and interrogated every information strand, we create the customised solution that solves your specific challenges.

Our unique engagement and working methodologies nuture the deep-rooted relationships that mean you’re always in the know and in control. Combining processes and technologies with inter-disciplinary vertical domain experts and horizontal technologists, we unravel the intangibility of your immediate requirements and future direction. We bring clarity to the confusion so prevalent in the VUCA world we live in.

Who We Work With

We help global organizations – across all sectors – who are seeking or challenged by change. Our deep relationships with our clients include over 200 Fortune 500 corporations, as well as many mid-sized companies and the world’s most innovative start-ups.

We support all future-focused functions within corporations, from executive decision-makers who need the big picture of all the relevant changes that can impact their business, to mid-management executives who need specific yet comprehensive granular detail.

Our Clients

We work with a large number of clients globally, across a wide range of industries and sectors. A small selection can be viewed below.

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