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Life-threatening diseases like cancer & chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and congestive heart failure & obesity are impacting all age groups globally. With the advancement of genetic science and technologies capable of early diagnosis, innovation has caught up the speed to capture opportunities. Reimbursement agencies, payers & providers had inhibitions and doubts on the outcome and return on investment for these programs. However, a long-term outlook on the healthcare costs, quality of life, and wellbeing of society have convinced the payers to reimburse the preventive propositions.

FutureBridge is enabling companies with identification of opportunities in early diagnosis, the combination of artificial intelligence & gene editing for prevention and treatment of life-threatening disease segments.


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Telemedicine – the Future of Healthcare

Our client is a leading healthcare giant and as a promoter of digitalization in healthcare has invested in various digital health technologies. Under its short and long-term digital strategy, the client was willing to collaborate with...

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Wearable Devices & Technologies

Our client is a healthcare conglomerate with a focus on continuous monitoring of remote patients for cardio and ortho segments through digital platforms and patient engagement tools. The key focus areas for the client were to assess technology...

Simplifying Cancer Detection using point-of-care Technologies

Life SciencesValue-Based Treatment

Current Scenario & Challenges in Cancer Detection Approximately 1 in 6 people die of cancer. Multiple factors are expected to fuel the...

Personalized Nutrition – Future Of Nutrition Or Just Another Fad

Life SciencesDrug Precision

Technology advancements, information accessibility and the increase in consumer interest towards nutrition and wellness have led to a...

Promise of Omics Technologies

Life Sciences

Improve R&D Productivity by Cutting down Risk of Failure and Shorten Timeline Traditional empiric drug development model with high...

Blockchain in Electronic Health Records (EHR) – A Distant Future but a Step in a Right Direction

Life SciencesEvolving Ecosystems

In the healthcare industry, there are growing incidences of patient mortality due to the decisions made on fragmented & inaccessible...

Business Objectives

Some examples of diverse business objectives we have worked with our clients


  • What are the challenges at the strategic level to put prevention/ preventive care as a main stream of business?
  • What are the best opportunities available in the field of preventive care and predictive diagnostics?
  • How the business models would evolve in the light of preventive therapy?
  • What is the new normal post-COVID-19 and how companies are equipping with this new normal?


  • How are companies leveraging various digital platforms to engage patients and caregivers through continuous disease awareness?
  • Which special product designation can fast track the regulatory approvals and reimbursement for preventive therapies?


  • What is the current level of research in the field of preventive medicines in breast and prostate cancer from diagnosis to treatment?
  • Who are the suitable partners in terms of capability and, innovation for vaccine production?
  • How are companies collecting, measuring, and benchmarking user information to enhance continued patient engagement?