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Digital-native and sustainability-focused consumers driving a plastic-free future

The pandemic accelerated the market-share grab of e-commerce by a decade. Like their counterparts in other CPG sectors, food and beverage players are bringing forward omnichannel propositions that have a solid digital and connected feature-set.

At the same time, consumer demands for hygiene, traceability, and sustainability act as significant headwinds for traditional packaging formats. Brand owners and leading packaging suppliers are looking for novel technologies for sustainable and lightweight materials, low-contact delivery and retail concepts, spoilage-reducing or -detection options, and interactive digital formats.

FutureBridge supports its clients with global techno-commercial insights to help avoid disruption and maintain a competitive edge.


Food and Nutrition

Non-thermal Food Processing to Increase Shelf Life
Overview of non-thermal food processing Traditionally to increase the shelf-life of the food heat was utilized to kill foodborne pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Then some researchers developed thermal processing techniques to...

Food and Nutrition

Food Waste Valorization: Transitioning from a Linear to a Circular Bioeconomy
The world is confronted with the depletion of natural resources due to their unsustainable use, increased global competitiveness, increasing population, and other environmental and economic challenges. More and more Food & Nutrition companies...

Packaging Innovation 2020

Food and NutritionPackaging and Delivery Innovation

Sustainable packaging dominates the innovation trend, and the application of printed electronics in smart packaging is expected to rise....

Market Opportunity Assessment for Small Packaging Format

Food and Nutrition

A Global Food Manufacturing Company wanted to understand the small serve food packaging formats (≤3 portions or 100g) that are...

Connected Packaging Market Assessment

Food and NutritionPackaging and Delivery Innovation

Connected Packaging Market Assessment is a case study of the client who wanted to find connected package technology trends and market...

Technology Landscape & Regulatory Intelligence on Sustainable Packaging

Food and NutritionPackaging and Delivery Innovation

The Client wanted to align its packaging strategy in accordance with the EU regulations. Due to changing and stricter regulations in...

Business Objectives

Some examples of diverse business objectives we have worked with our clients


  • What strategies can help us achieve our new 2035 Corporate Recyclability goals?
  • How can we implement a connected packaging ecosystem for enhancing traceability & consumer trust?
  • What are the new out-of-home consumption opportunities for our value-added beverage portfolio?


  • What is the plastics recyclability scenario in key developing geographies?
  • What are the business opportunities for connected packaging in F&B? What signals can we glean from customer and consumer inputs? What novel solutions are peers & startups bringing into the market?
  • What is the impact of India’s increased E-com/e-grocery shopping on the packaging industry? What are the consumer shopping trends and opportunities for packaging players in secondary and tertiary packaging?


  • What are the bio-based food-grade recyclable materials for fresh produce?
  • What is the current state of the art for the connected packaging ecosystem?
  • What are the advanced technologies to convert waste materials into PHA/PHB?

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