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Indulgent snacks, chocolates, and related confectionery items have been popular among consumers across nations. Yet, the need for newer experiences is seen to be driving future innovations in the space. Chocolate manufacturers are facing the need to innovate and bring in novel taste experiences and formulations to keep up with the evolving preferences of consumers. From using healthy ingredients to incorporating therapeutic blends to scoring on the sustainability aspects of production the global developments in chocolate ingredients and chocolate confectionery are growing rapidly.

FutureBridge Consultant Sukanya Nag will look into the latest trends in the chocolates and cocoa products segment, along with the newest player activities in the segment, early-stage solutions, and breakthrough technologies, and highlight the impactful future opportunities for chocolate product manufacturers.

This webinar will provide you with insights on consumer drivers, market trends, emerging new product ideas, and recommendations on whitespaces and areas to innovate in the chocolate-based products space.

  • What are the chocolate consumers looking for? How are the preferences for chocolate products evolving?
  • What are the industry trends in the segment? Which regions are catching up
  • What are the white spaces and opportunity areas for innovation?
  • How are the big players handling the chocolate innovation space?
  • Which researches hold promising potential? Which are start-ups coming up with unique ideas?
  • How are chocolate-based products and technologies evolving? What lies in the future? Where are the trends leading?

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