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Our webinar series “Disruptive technologies for electrification” is returning, this time with a focus on innovation for compliance for ICEs.

With stricter emission rules coming to Europe and other major car markets by 2025, the demand for innovation in powertrain technologies to keep ICE relevant and democratize electrification is high. The European Commission’s Green Deal set the objective of reducing net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030. It will also ban the sale of all new vehicles with ICE engines (even hybrids) by 2035. What’s more, European emission standards (Euro 7) will come into effect as soon as 2025. Incoming regulations mean ICEs would require pricier technologies just to stay compliant with stricter emissions standards.

We assess that modification in Selective Catalytic Reduction can optimize emission control while Diesel Particulate Filter is anticipated to gain traction across the European Union in order for vehicles to be compliant with the new WLTP rules.

Join our webinar

  • To understand the emerging trends in ICE technology and their impact on the technological roadmaps towards sustainable vehicle propulsion
  • Innovative technologies for compliance of ICE through electrification or hydrogen
  • Key players behind the innovative technology


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