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Weak-Signals Funnel Management

In an environment of intense techno-social disruption and “when change is rapidly gathering pace,” Technology Foresight teams generally have to contend with a potential “hunting ground” that spans the gamut of S&T and involves a constantly shifting ecosystem of actors across the globe. In such an environment, even the best-in-class process faces some unique challenges –

  • How does a company ensure it is accessing the true breadth of S&T signals globally before they are commonly known?
  • How can an organization efficiently distinguish relevant signal clusters from one-off blips – especially in new or unfamiliar S&T domains?
  • Does the organization’s process give it the tools to track a relevant early-stage technology / weak-signal cluster through the “tipping point” from “interesting” to “actionable”?

FutureBridge’s “Weak-signals Management (WSM)” Model delivers these attributes through proven tools and idea-scouting approaches. In providing this support, FutureBridge draws its experience supporting similar business needs within client organizations spanning diverse industries, including  O&G, Specialty Chemicals, Energy, Life Sciences, etc.

Here’s an example of how our Weak-signals Management Model, helped our client; a leading global vehicle OEM to enter a new dimension of future human-vehicle interaction by exploring applications for Brain-machine Interface (BMI) technology.

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