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Quick overview

Senior leadership from the Future Research team of our client, a global luxury carmaker was keen to establish a robust model to continuously identify early-stage technologies and future opportunities from across relevant Science & Technology (S&T) domains. Given their group’s ambition to set up a strong Technology Foresight process, the following were the key goals that they were looking to achieve –

  • Ensure that the group’s future research team is accessing the true breadth of S&T signals before they are commonly known
  • Efficiently distinguish relevant signals from one-off blips – especially in new or unfamiliar S&T domains
  • Track a relevant early-stage technology / weak-signal through the “tipping point” from “interesting” to “actionable”

Client success details

FutureBridge’s proprietary Weak-signals Management (WSM) Model delivered these attributes through proven tools and idea-scouting approaches. In delivering this support, FutureBridge leveraged its experience supporting similar business needs within client organizations, spanning diverse industries, including Energy, Specialty Chemicals, Food & Nutrition, Life Sciences, etc.

A customized program based on our Weak-signals Management Model located early-stage technologies/opportunities (weak-signals), importantly from the non-automotive domains that are hard-to-locate, and difficult to monitor for a sustained period. The program supported the Future Research team with the following benefits –

WSM Model assists our technology foresight campaign periodically to only focus on promising technological trends, while keeping fads off limits.
  • Identify early-stage technologies & future opportunities (weak-signals) from automotive, and more importantly, from the outside automotive domain
  • A technology hopper mechanism was established to distinguish between a one-time blip vs. notable weak-signals
  • Locate qualified weak-signals that are aligned with the client’s expertise and future strategy, weak-signals that are of high-value & impact on future mobility
  • Developed technology roadmap support to pursue high-value weak-signals; periodically track the weak-signal’s progress and movement in the near-term future

Brain-machine Interface (BMI), one of the weak-signals in the Digital Technologies domain, was picked up for future research and development and for exploring diverse use-cases around it for automotive applications. Besides, it led to a partnership for co-developing a tailor-made solution for the passenger vehicle segment.

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