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Amongst therapeutic areas, oncology unquestionably is the highest unmet need given poor survival, substantial socioeconomic burden, and financial toxicity. Advancements in oncology, with the intent to address these challenges, have resulted in improvement in patient outcomes in recent years. The rapid pace is largely attributed to the emergence of immune therapeutics, innovative modalities, and biosimilars, the increasing shift towards personalization and value-based patient care, and the integration of AI and digital technologies.

This innovation-driven growth has pushed the industry to re-evaluate and further transform the operating models to realize clinical & commercial success, address affordability and refine reimbursement strategies for long-term sustainability.

Our Oncology expert team at FutureBridge can support your oncology drug development and strategic decision-making across stages of development including tumor landscape assessments & competitive benchmarking; scientific, technical, and commercial evaluation,  translational feasibility of targets/modalities/platforms, and early indicators of success; indication prioritization based on attractiveness & white space analysis; optimal clinical development strategy & target product profile (TPP) for regulatory success; portfolio optimization; BD&L assessment and forecasting.

Decentralization, Automation, and Single-Use Technology – Future of Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing

Life Sciences

As the biopharmaceutical industry shifts its focus toward cell and gene therapies, the manufacturing landscape presents both...

Current and Evolving Management of Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma

Life Sciences

Wondering how to improve your pharma R&D business for hematological malignancies such as NHL, and DLBCL, using evidence-based...

Disruptive Innovations Shaping the Future of Adoptive Cell Therapies

Disruptive Innovations Shaping the Future of Adoptive Cell Therapies

Life Sciences

The therapeutic potential of cell therapies is an established fact, but whether will they be able to overcome challenges posed by Solid Tumors remains a question. With innovative strategies, many types of cell therapies are being developed by Industry and academia...


Cell Therapies in Solid Tumors: A bright future or a long shot

Life Sciences

Surmounting all the challenges, 1st cell therapy approval in solid tumors is anticipated by 2022. The spectacular success of cell therapies observed in heme tumors is not yet realized in solid tumors, however, stepped-up efforts to defeat unyielding tumor...

Strategic Growth Fields

A convergence of industry transformations and exponential technologies creates a pool of opportunities

Engineered Modalities/Platforms

  • Cell & gene therapy
  • Antibody Drug Conjugate(ADC)
  • Oncolytic viruses/vaccines/Simulatory cytokines
  • Targeted protein degrader

Precision Medicine

  • Personalization
  • Drug precision & Targeted therapy
  • Targeted drug delivery
  • Theragnostics

Early Detection & Screening

  • Clinical algorithms based early detection platform
  • Imaging and Radio-pharmaceutical
  • Non-invasive biopsies/NSG/Single cell/Others
  • Gene Panels


  • Immune
  • Genomic
  • Phenotypic
  • Histologic/Readiologic
Exponential Digital Technologies
  • Immuno-oncology 85% 85%
  • Synthetic Biology/Immunity 94% 94%
  • Molecularly Combinations & Adjuncts 93% 93%
  • Evolving Treatment Algo 92% 92%
  • Big Data & AI/ML 85% 85%

Business Objectives

Some examples of diverse business objectives we have worked with our clients


  • How are companies re-assessing R&D models to enhance productivity, stay competitive and maintain long-term sustainability in oncology?
  • Which game changer new innovations/technologies are essential to strengthen and optimize the portfolio in oncology?
    • Novel treatment modalities where companies are focusing on
    • Procedures and surgery devices that are most attractive for licensing precision technologies
    • Digital platforms for better patient care
  • How have companies overcome the regulatory & ethical challenges for personalized therapy programs?
  • What is the evolution in clinical trial design strategies for early market access?


  • How are the overall treatment landscape and benchmarks changing for major cancers with personalized therapies, new screening technologies, companion diagnostics, and non-invasive biopsies?
  • How clinical trials are being improved to deliver more patient-focused clinical trials in oncology?
  • What are the critical considerations to successfully navigate the CMC and regulatory landscape of modalities such as CGTs?


  • What kind of R&D and Innovation setup is required for CAR-T therapy?
  • What are the opportunities with next-generation bispecific and antibody drug conjugates?
  • What are the major learnings from the energy, sound, and navigation platforms used in aero-defense that can be adopted for increasing precision in medical devices and drug delivery in oncology?

Client's Success Stories

Situational Assessment and Strategic Intelligence of Cell Therapy Landscape in Solid Tumors

Life Sciences

Situational Assessment and Strategic Intelligence of Cell Therapy Landscape in Solid Tumors
Quick overview A leading pharma company wanted to take investment decisions and design a long-term development strategy for CT and therefore wanted to conduct a situational assessment and predict long-term business opportunities in the area of CT in solid tumors....

Prioritization of Assets/MoAs/Targets in SCCHN based on Weak Signals Identification

Life Sciences

Prioritization of Assets/MoAs/Targets in SCCHN based on Weak Signals Identification
Quick overview The client is a leading player in immuno-oncology and aspires to remain a leader with an increased difference/revenue gap from the followers. To achieve this client wanted to ride on existing and upcoming trends and therefore wanted to determine all the...

Our Clients

Our long-standing clients include some of the worlds leading brands and forward-thinking corporations.