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Delivering healthy, guilt-free but great-tasting food

Consumers have long demanded healthier options from the food & beverage industry that do not compromise taste and experience. In recent years, especially around topics like sugar content, regulatory agencies concerned with public health have matched that demand-pull with a stringent tax policy.

This push-and-pull has resulted in the critical formulation and end-product sensorial challenges. New limiter reduction technologies and alternative sourcing strategies will determine how the industry rises to this challenge – and which companies gain a competitive advantage by delivering an authentic healthful, guilt-free experience of delight to their consumers.

FutureBridge delivers insights to its clients across that entire spectrum of techno-commercial options.


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Business Objectives

Some examples of diverse business objectives we have worked with our clients


  • What should be our approach to provide an indulgent snacking experience?
  • How do we innovate in the light of sugar taxes and consumer demand for reduced calories beverages?
  • How should we change our formulation strategy to make science-based claims for reduced fats, salt, and sugar on our dairy and bakery portfolio?


  • What multi-sensorial approaches utilize ingredients, technologies, and or product formats to bring differentiated experiences to consumers?
  • What should be our innovation & Go-to-Market strategy for fermented beverages beyond South-East Asia, especially in western Europe? Which innovative ingredients have received GRAS status and can be used in reformulated products? What are the opportunities associated with the application of innovative solutions?
  • Who can be our potential partners in achieving our clean label preservation goals?
  • How is the food & nutrition industry addressing the challenges associated with sensory and aesthetic features of alternatives? Who are our “best-fit” collaborators for the co-development of low-calorie products?


  • What technologies/solutions are available to develop floating flavor spheres that would impart a unique experience to consumers?
  • What are the strategies to stabilize heat-sensitive nutrients in baking products?
  • What are the advanced delivery solutions to deliver nutrients at specified sites across the GI tract?
  • What is the current state of the art for high-intensity sweetener solutions?
  • What are the approaches beyond hydrocolloids & gums to improve the mouthfeel of reduced-calorie beverages?