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The electrification of energy is gaining momentum since the demand for energy will be 50% in the form of electricity in 2050 and the bulk of the total electricity requirements would be supplied by renewables. In the best-case scenario, renewables have already reached price-parity with fossil fuels. It will also remove the commodity risk from the portfolio of energy suppliers/traders and provide a cleaner environment.

FutureBridge’s in-depth research and insights empower the industry players in their electrification journey from renewable sources and devising strategies in the changing environment.


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Green Hydrogen Economy: Challenges and Opportunities

More than 95% of all the Hydrogen produced in the world is from fossil fuel power sources. The demand from various end-users has been increasing over the years. Therefore the opportunities in decarbonizing hydrogen production are immense,...
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EnergyElectrification of Energy

Electrification of Process Heating – Capitalizing on the Opportunity

Several approaches to limiting CO2 emissions have been investigated and implemented over the years. Renewables are estimated to be cost-efficient within the next decade to provide >50% of the world’s electricity demand when compared to...

Creating Resilient Power Grids With Distributed Energy Systems


What happened in February in Texas, US? The US state of Texas has experienced some of its coldest weather on record where the state...

In Search of a Grand Strategy: Hydrogen Economy


The interest to develop a hydrogen economy on a scale was perceived a few decades back in the 1970s and 80’s due to the undesirable...

Green Hydrogen from Offshore Wind: Viable and Scalable Business Case?


The Green Hydrogen industry is forecasted to become a multibillion-dollar industry with 200+ million tons to be traded by 2030 from almost...

Large Scale Energy Storage Solution: Beyond Lithium-ion Technology


With the increasing emphasis on greening the grid and powering the world with renewables’, the need for a feasible storage solution...

Business Objectives

Some examples of diverse business objectives we have worked with our clients


  • How is the solar distributed generation market expected to evolve in the coming years?
  • How is offshore wind expected to play a major role in the deployment of the green energy transition with respect to green hydrogen plants in the future?
  • How is the CSP market expected to evolve coupled with the molten salt storage technology? And, what would be its market share in the coming future? Is it going to play a key role in the market?


  • How are power utilities countering the development of Distributed Energy Systems?
  • What is the current size for offshore wind energy and how is it expected to grow?
  • How is the market for innovative hybrid gas turbines expected to evolve? (Especially with an increasing number of pilot projects related to the introduction of green hydrogen into the natural gas pipelines)


  • What are the developments with respect to new materials and technologies for improving efficiency in PV modules?
  • What are the key regions that will see an increase in the deployment of the installation of floating solar?
  • What are the technological advancement in power plant turbines to accommodate renewables and green hydrogen?