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With the increasing emphasis on greening the grid and powering the world with renewables’, the need for a feasible storage solution is only getting more pronounced. The purpose of energy storage is to capture the energy and effectively deliver it for future use. Low-carbon grids need longer-duration storage, but only a few technologies have succeeded at scale – most notable being pumped hydro storage, and Lithium-ion based advanced cell chemistries seem to be the next emerging option.

Although several options technically work, the question is, do they work with an acceptable range of economics with the right price points and development cycle? And, can the businesses providing them stay afloat long enough to actually prove that? Lithium-ion has been one of the most successful battery storage technologies offering a good range of power as well as energy. While its business case is starting to get feasible around the world, the focus has also been on examining the others.

Therefore, it gets necessary to explore, ask the right questions and understand, are the options beyond Lithium-ion for large-scale storage solutions for grid level. FutureBridge will help answer the right questions that are most relevant to your businesses. FutureBridge will throw light on the technologies, opportunities, possibilities, and the path ahead for large-scale energy storage solutions beyond lithium-ion chemistries.

The scope of discussion in the webinar will focus on the following:

  • emerging storage technologies with proven technical feasibility
  • define the business case for emerging energy storage technologies – sources, regulations, duration, economics
  • key players (energy companies, utilities, start-ups, and others) involved in building these technologies
  • opportunities for investment in this space


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