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Mobility Autonomous Mobility

Sensor Suite Strategies

A leading supplier of electronics and sensor systems looking to understand the landscape of sensor suite strategies in the near...

Food and Nutrition Nutrition and Wellness

Technologies for Plant-Based Meat

The highly competitive plant-based meat segment continuously researches ways to improve sensory properties. We spotlight...

Food and Nutrition Nutrition and Wellness

Alternative Protein for Pet Food

Alternative protein for pet food is a rapidly growing segment, with 8% of total pet food launched from 2016-2021 having vegan or...

Mobility Shared Mobility

Top Technologies Making Shared Mobility Services Safe, Secure & Trustworthy

Consumer trust, road safety, and security, physical and cyber, are critical components for the mass adoption of...

Plant based alternative materials to plastic packaging: An evolution or a revolution?

Chemicals & Materials

Plastic packaging, by generating more than 120 million tonnes of waste per year, is a primary contributor to the global plastic...

Regenerative Medicine – An off the Shelf Therapy Option

Life Sciences

Regenerative medicines have produced new groundbreaking therapies in various dimensions of disease treatment primarily utilizing...

Impact of COVID-19 on the Power & Utilities Industry


This is an assessment of the impact of COVID-19 on the Power & Utilities Industry, its value chain, business functions, and...

Emerging Technologies of Sugar Reduction: Searching for a Sweet Success

Food and Nutrition Nutrition and Wellness

As food makers look to develop better-for-you options that are lower in sugar they are seeking out innovative approaches to the...

Biofuels: Opportunities & Challenges

Energy New Energies

Substituting fossil fuels with renewable alternatives such as biofuels is an efficient way to reduce carbon emissions and...

Reimagining Consumer Food Experience using Top 3 Digital Trends

Food and Nutrition

AR and VR technology in the food industry allows customers to check real-time information of the product with the help of a...

Digital Biomarker in Neurological Patient-Centric Ecosystem

Life Sciences Digitalization

We helped a leading molecular diagnostic, personalized medicine company to adequately understand and prioritize State-of-the-art...

Anticipation of Scientific and Technological Disruptions in Energy Mix

Chemicals & Materials

An integrated oil and gas player wanted to know the disruptive technological innovations across energy, industry and enabling...

Technology Landscape, Market Assessment of Use of Drones for Goods & Transportation

Chemicals & Materials

The client, who is a leading automotive supplier wanted to understand what electronic components were used in goods/passenger...

Inorganic Growth – Potential Target Identification for Acquisition in Industrial Chillers

Industrial Manufacturing

The market demand for industrial chillers is growing in the North American and European markets. With an increasing market...

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