Paradigm Shift in R&D

Coopetition is the Key
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Bringing new products to market has been costly, with low R&D efficiencies at the back of high risk of failure, pricing pressures, and a lengthy R&D path. Companies are finding new avenues to discover and conduct research to maximize ROI on their strategic assets with the help of digitalization, open innovation, and shared models. Companies are focusing on projects that could be eligible for a shorter R&D cycle and qualifies for quick regulatory approvals. The innovators are opening up for partnerships with companies that are into similar or other business segments, including close competitors.


Life SciencesParadigm Shift in R&D

Partner Enabled Innovation Models

Industry players utilize partnerships with strong suppliers (external manufacturers, raw material suppliers, etc.) to drive innovation. Our client wanted to understand best practices on how companies utilize multiple business models and...

Life SciencesParadigm Shift in R&D

Evolution of Process Analytical Technologies

With the continuous advancements and technology expansion in Process Analytical Technologies (PAT), industry leaders must be aware of such developments and implement the advanced tools in their operations. The Client was in the early stage of...

Rare Cancers: Challenges and Roadmap for R&D Innovations

Life SciencesParadigm Shift in R&D

Drug development for Rare cancers is challenging because it is difficult to obtain relevant data from very few patients. The oncology...

Challenges and Drivers of Translational Research

Life Sciences

Translational research is aimed at deploying knowledge collected from trials and clinical observations to improve clinical benefits...

Virtual Clinical Trials

Life SciencesParadigm Shift in R&D

Focusing firmly on the patient, digital approaches can theoretically transform the research landscape, enabling better, faster and more...

Blockchain in Electronic Health Records (EHR) – A Distant Future but a Step in a Right Direction

Life SciencesEvolving Ecosystems

In the healthcare industry, there are growing incidences of patient mortality due to the decisions made on fragmented & inaccessible...

Business Objectives

Some examples of diverse business objectives we have worked with our clients


  • Which innovation trends should be capitalized on to introduce new R&D-based offerings?
  • What structural changes are required to implement patient-centric clinical trials?
  • How companies have overcome the implementation-related challenges in virtual clinical trials?


  • What are shared funding models to reconfigure high R&D costs & related risks?
  • Which technologies can be used to improve the productivity of virtual clinical trials?
  • Which new promising frontiers can help mitigate the high risk of R&D failures?


  • How companies are increasing therapy adherence in clinical trials using digital solutions?
  • Which are the attractive chronic therapy segments from application perspectives?