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Life Sciences Digitalization

Role of Open Innovation and Consortium in Accelerating Drug Discovery

In recent years major pharmaceutical companies have re-organized their R&D structure via M&A, external partnerships,...

Pharma & Biotech Paradigm Shift in R&D

Miniaturization Making Big Impact In Diagnostics

The overall healthcare ecosystem is moving towards small set-ups from larger & complex set-ups, lead by innovations in the...

Pharma & Biotech Preventive Care and Predictive Diagnostics

Extended Reality – Future of Digital Surgery

In the quest to improve the surgical outcomes for the patients, healthcare market players are leveraging evolving extended...

Life Sciences Predictive Diagnostics

Disruptive Technologies for Early Cancer Diagnostics

Cancer alone has been globally a major healthcare burden. Many cancers are detected at a late stage, screening and early...

Sustainability in the Medical Device Industry

Life Sciences

The Medical device industry is a slow adopter of Effective Sustainability programs. …delaying further was out of choice despite...

Robots are Revolutionizing Healthcare Industry

Pharma & Biotech Evolving Ecosystems

Robotics in medicine and healthcare is considered as the system that can perform coordinated mechanical actions based on the...

Digital Biomarker in Neurological Patient-Centric Ecosystem

Life Sciences Digitalization

We helped a leading molecular diagnostic, personalized medicine company to adequately understand and prioritize State-of-the-art...

Innovative Consumer Appliances – Consumer Proximate Production

Life Sciences

Introduction Food equipment and machinery have been an essential part of the food industry, be it restaurant chains, café, or...

Gene Editing-Beyond CRISPR

Life Sciences

Gene editing techniques have witnessed significant traction since CRISPR / CaS9 was discovered. The editing technology has...

COVID Vaccines Development: New Paradigm

Life Sciences Paradigm Shift in R&D

New technologies & partnerships have opened up many dimensions to shorten the R&D path for future vaccines  ...

Boosting Morale – Drug Innovation & Generic Drug Competition

Life Sciences

Drug development is an expensive, tedious, and lengthy process that takes several years to reach completion. Further, the...

Steep Path of “Value-Based Healthcare” Offers Indispensable Outcomes

Life Sciences

The healthcare industry has witnessed a gradual evolution in the past few decades. Historically, the industry has been...

Digital Twin Simulating the Bright Future of Healthcare

Life Sciences Minimally Invasive Surgeries

With ever-increasing complexity in the manufacturing processes, healthcare, aerospace, defense, automotive, and other domains,...

Smartphones Technologies Disrupting Remote Health Monitoring

Life Sciences Preventive Care

Remote patient monitoring improves the quality of life & healthcare costs The ubiquitous presence of smartphones and...

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