Smart Mining

Automation. Digital. Innovation.

The mining industry is undergoing a sea change of transformation in the era of the fourth industrial revolution, shaped by factors of regulations, environment, health & safety, and legal risks. Companies are constantly looking to unlock new growth potential and maximize ROI  through cutting-edge digital and physical technologies with an ever-growing eye on sustainability in exploration and production operations.

FutureBridge advises on top-line growth topics of technology-enabled high-value exploration, futuristic material mix strategies as well as the adoption of new-age HSE and supply chain technologies.


Chemicals & Materials

Solution Landscape and Player Analysis: AI & ML in Mining Operations

A leading bearing and seal manufacturing company wanted to know different artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies for asset monitoring and predictive maintenance in mining operations.

MobilityAutonomous Mobility

Haptic – Adding a New Dimension to Virtual Reality

The word haptic refers to the sense of touch, the sense felt by humans upon touching an object. In technical terms, haptic refers to the sense of touch through feedback technology while interacting with computers. Feedbacks provided by computers...

Industry landscape of AI for Mining Autonomous Vehicles

Chemicals & Materials

Global manufacturer of mechatronic systems conducted this assignment to support its large-scale strategic investment decisions. The client...

Artificial Intelligence in Industrial Machinery

Industrial Manufacturing

Adoption of Artificial Intelligence in Industrial Machinery Over the last 10 years, the adoption of artificial intelligence has grown...

Market Landscape of Mining Parts and Equipment Supplier

Chemicals & Materials

A leading industrial machinery manufacturer wanted to evaluate the global mining market landscape to identify the suppliers and...

Digitization in Industrial Machinery

Natural ResourcesSmart Mining

Introduction Traditionally, Industrial Machinery (IM) manufacturers have focused on selling hardware (equipment and components) and...

Business Objectives

Some examples of diverse business objectives we have worked with our clients


  • Which are the key players offering drilling fluids for mining applications and what is their attractiveness for potential acquisitions?
  • What are the future mobility trends and how are they likely to impact the material mix?


  • Which are the key attractive market segments for smart wearable technologies?
  • What is the business attractiveness for sulfur recovery units (SRU) in metallurgical installations in LATAM and APAC?


  • Which are the different technologies that could help improve the processing capabilities globally in dolomite space?
  • What are the latest technology developments in the flotation process in the mining industry?