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Healthifying food and beverage through functional ingredients

Today’s consumer wants “good for you” food to do much more than mere weight management. In response, food & beverage companies are looking to provide targeted nutrition offerings, blurring the line between consumer healthcare and food.

This move has led to an explosion of specialized nutrition products, driven by global innovations in biotics, natural extracts, fermented foods, and other functional ingredients. An increasing emphasis on science-based claims, biomarker tracking, and digitalization has also led to novel formats from disruptive players that integrate optimally with specialized demand moments.

FutureBridge delivers insights to its clients across that entire spectrum of techno-commercial changes.


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Business Objectives

Some examples of diverse business objectives we have worked with our clients

Strategy & Futures

  • What roadmap should we set for healthy snacking over the next five years?
  • What can be the product differentiation opportunities that align with a “good for you” message? 
  • What should be our marketing & labeling strategy for harmonizing with evolving global regulatory guidelines?
  • Which new and emerging demographic cohorts can we target with our existing nutritional ingredient competencies?


  • What should be our formulation strategy to bring health-based claims on our products?
  • What are the approaches for positioning and distribution of our novel nutritional supplement products?
  • Who are the critical influencers that drive the consumer purchase for such products in different geographies?
  • What should be our innovation & Go-to-Market strategy for fermented beverages beyond South-East Asia, especially in western Europe?


  • What are the scientifically-backed ingredients for imparting immune health in adults?
  • What HCP & consumer communication approaches are our competitors using for infant nutrition products? What innovative approaches can be seen in different regional niches?
  • Who can be our contract manufacturing partners in MENA to develop plant-based nutritional snack bars targeting weight management consumers?
  • Which technologies can deliver and stabilize the nutritional value of the ingredients in savory food recipes?