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The Medical Device and Diagnostics industry is undergoing a massive transformation and creating new opportunities for all industry participants that is led by an increased focus on prevention, early diagnosis, precision, ease-of-use, continuous care, value-based clinical outcomes, and patient-centricity.  Companies are bringing new solutions around early prevention & screening, continuous & remote monitoring, and clinical decision making to capitalize on these opportunities by building new patient pools and expanding the existing ones.

FutureBridge insights and analysis on technology disruptions, evolving ecosystem, new business models, and opportunity areas are leveraged by stakeholders across the Medical Device and Diagnostics value-chain.

Impact of Miniaturization on Diagnostic Devices

A major focus of innovation has been the miniaturization of different sub-components to make the diagnostic & monitoring devices portable, accurate, and economical, along with real-time analysis/output.


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Miniaturization Making Big Impact In Diagnostics

Pharma & BiotechParadigm Shift in R&D

The overall healthcare ecosystem is moving towards small set-ups from larger & complex set-ups, lead by innovations in the...

Sustainability in the Medical Device Industry

Life Sciences

The Medical device industry is a slow adopter of Effective Sustainability programs. …delaying further was out of choice despite adoption...

Digitalization in Patient Engagement

Life SciencesDigitalization

With changing healthcare dynamics and growing awareness, the patient has become the heart of the care continuum. The patient has traversed from being ‘decision-follower’ to ‘decision-influencer’. It has become imperative for healthcare stakeholders to actively engage...

Unique Device Identification (UDI) for Medical Devices

Life SciencesDigitalization

With increasing concerns for patient safety and efficient supply chain management, a single, globally harmonized identification system for medical devices is needed. The United States introduced a Unique Identification System (UDI) for all medical devices across its...

Blockchain in Electronic Health Records (EHR) – A Distant Future but a Step in a Right Direction

Life SciencesEvolving Ecosystems

In the healthcare industry, there are growing incidences of patient mortality due to the decisions made on fragmented & inaccessible data. Moreover, the prevalence of a data breach in the traditional EHR system is also on the rise.This paper examines the...

Robotics in Healthcare

Life Sciences

A leading industrial robot manufacturer wanted to understand the application of robotics in the healthcare ecosystem and identify opportunities to build their product portfolio for healthcare automation. FutureBridge identified applications and use-cases of robots in...

Strategic Growth Fields

A convergence of industry transformations and exponential technologies creates a pool of opportunities

Minimally Invasive Surgery

  • Advanced surgical & navigation tools
  • Office-based surgeries
  • Inanimate trainer & simulators

Home Care

  • Remote/self-monitoring
  • Telemedicine & e-health
  • Connected devices

Preventive Therapy

  • Technology-enabled virtual health checkup
  • Early detection & diagnostics
  • Remote screening

Value Based Care

  • Clinical algorithm & decision support
  • Product innovation for ease of reimbursement
  • Precision & personalized medicine
Exponential Digital Technologies
  • Sustainability 85% 85%
  • Digitalization 94% 94%
  • Business Model Innovation 87% 87%
  • Synthetic Biology 92% 92%
  • Big Data & Clinical Algorithms 85% 85%

Business Objectives

Some examples of diverse business objectives we have worked with our clients

Strategy & Futures

  • How can digital technologies enable increased patient outcomes?
  • What inspirations can be taken from other industries on emerging business models that could be successfully implemented in the med-devices and diagnostics space?
  • What is the future outlook for reimbursement of devices with improved health outcomes?
  • What are the unique capabilities of tech start-ups that could disrupt the future medical device industry?

Research Development & Innovations

  • How to be faster and more dynamic with my disposable instruments’ RD&I programs?
  • What opportunities are available in the care delivery for home-setting?
  • How will the demand for sustainability and traceability impact my future R&D direction?
  • Who are my potential university partners and research hotspots for med-tech product/material innovation?

Growth & Market Development

  • Which product categories in neurosurgery are my competition is gaining market share?
  • How can I capture patient/consumer preferences using advanced technologies?
  • How new business models can contribute to organization growth?
  • Which are new potential new patient segments for obesity-related solutions?
  • How will regulations & reimbursement policies impact my market potential in the next 5years?

Manufacturing, Production & Logistics

  • How can I be faster and more dynamic in demand forecasting?
  • Which technology solutions can help improve the quality of my products?
  • Where are my competitors investing in manufacturing technologies?
  • How are digitalization technologies enhancing bio-manufacturing operations and increase speed to clinic/market?
  • Which partners can support me in bringing efficiency to my operations?

Client's Success Stories

Life Sciences

Commercial & Opportunity Assessment Bioprinting

A leading medical device manufacturer wanted to develop a focused and refreshed understanding of the bioprinting and regenerative medicine technology landscape, regulatory environment, market players, and market size. FutureBridge provided the client with a deep...

Life Sciences

Hype Cycle Analysis – Glucose Monitoring Technologies

A leading global diagnostics player wanted to evaluate the technologies involved in glucose monitoring, using an established methodology – “Hype Cycle Analysis”. FutureBridge identified technologies and assessed them based on priority matrix (perceived maturity,...

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