Home Evolving Ecosystem of Dialysis Services

The dialysis services landscape has been challenged due to COVID and other factors leading to a shift towards home care, increased digital adoption, and innovations in dialysis technology. These changes have led to the evolution of the dialysis services ecosystem with the introduction of better care models and technology innovations to address patient needs, like wearable artificial kidneys, smart dialysis machines, automated clinical algorithms, integration of EMR/EHRs, etc. Different stakeholders in the care continuum are exploring such solutions to build a seamless connection with end patients to deliver a unique experience at the convenience of patients. Players are adopting business models to suit home care dialysis, to make it more patient-centric.

Digital disruptions are changing the overall dynamics of the treatment and management of kidney disorders. This is allowing players to experiment with new products/solutions in different care settings viz. in-clinic settings, at-home settings, etc., addressing patients’ as well as caregivers’ needs. It will be interesting to see how players will be re-strategizing their business approaches to be in sync with this evolving ecosystem of dialysis services by adopting new business models, bundling services/products, new product launches, collaborating with the right partners, etc. to strengthen their foothold in the market.

Join our webinar to get actionable insights on:

  • current and emerging landscape of the dialysis segment
  • trends are leading to the evolution of the current dialysis ecosystem
  • landscape – how it has moved toward home care settings
  • challenges faced by the players for home dialysis systems and how are these addressed
  • impact of digitalization on the care continuum, outcomes, and companies’ revenue
  • strategies and business models are adopted by the players

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