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More than 15 million people per year seek dental implants in US alone, and also the surge in ageing population and new technology has the dental implant market set to cross $5.2 billion in 2024. The dental sector is undergoing a paradigm shift in processes, treatments offered, and business models, driven by technological advancements and changing market dynamics like COVID-19. One of the important trends in the segment is the growth of cosmetic dental treatments, as individuals are becoming increasingly focused on their appearance, dental aesthetics has emerged as one of the key factors in achieving a pleasing appearance. Subsequently, the smile treatments, teeth whitening, and veneers are among some of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments. Digital dentistry is another recent development in dental care that continues to gain momentum and has significant potential for innovations. Dental innovations that enhance treatment quality, streamline professional workflows, and improve the clinical experience for patients have accelerated industry growth.

Innovations are underway to create smart dental implants that address the gaps that exist in healthy patients who have dental implants and good bone integrity as well. The quality of bone implants can deteriorate over time, and they often need to be replaced within five to ten years due to local inflammation or gum disease which is costly, time-consuming, and potentially painful for the patient. However, new trends are allowing patients to receive benefit of new technology like mini dental implants that also offers better taste experience for patients. Another interesting development is the stem cell implants that are addressing few critical gaps in tooth replacement. Although the research is still in early clinical trials, the future holds great potential.

It would be interesting to see the impact of these developments on the overall dental sector that can offer better success rates, faster healing, and tailored treatment plans. Additionally dental implants will be more effective with latest technologies, but to understand its benefits, educating patients about these technologies and advantages is a big responsibility lying ahead in front of dental professionals and other stakeholders.

  • Oral Health: Introduction and Current Dynamics
  • Trends Turning the Dentistry Landscape
  • Innovations and Advancements in Dentistry: Focus on Smart Implants & Stem Cell Therapeutics
  • Sustainability: Exploring Options in Materials, Manufacturing & Packaging
  • Future Transformations and Potential

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