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The HVAC industry is undergoing constant change. HVAC equipment manufacturers are continuously looking at ways to develop products that will lower heating and cooling consumption at the same time reduce the environmental impact. Digitalization and smart technologies like machine learning and AI-powered devices are facilitating the transition to fully automated HVAC systems.


Future Refrigerants – Competitor Assessment

Leading Engineering and Technology Company was interested in understanding competitors positioning in the domain of refrigerants having low global warming potential for heat pumps.

Industrial Manufacturing

Usage of IoT in the Compressed Air Industry

Importance of IoT in Compressed Air IIoT is envisaged as a positive force that can result in the introduction of sophisticated robotics (that can communicate with each other), creating future smart factories. As one of the world’s primary industrial sources, which...

Strategic Growth Fields

A convergence of industry transformations and exponential technologies creates a pool of opportunities

Robotics & Automation

  • RaaS
  • Co-Bots
  • Automation architecture

As-a-Services Models

  • Equipment-as-a-service
  • Product as-a-service
  • Results as-a-service

Industry X.0 & Digitalization

  • Virtualization
  • Advanced sensors and communication
  • Digital OEE


  • Operations improvement
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Value stream mapping
Exponential Digital Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence 85% 85%
  • Immersive Technologies 94% 94%
  • Cloud 87% 87%
  • Cybersecurity 92% 92%
  • Autonomous Vehicles 85% 85%

Business Objectives

Some examples of diverse business objectives we have worked with our clients

Strategy & Futures

  • What is the future of the smart equipment market?
  • What would be the adoption rate of virtual reality training services in the next five years?
  • What are the potential gaps in our existing markets where we can find the next growth opportunity?

Research Development & Innovations

  • How can green technology improve cooling equipment safety and performance?
  • What would be the adoption rate of IoT over the next five years in the cooling equipment market?
  • What kinds of innovations are currently existing or expected in the future for commercial cooling?
  • What are the emerging technologies in the HVAC industry?

Growth & Market Development

  • Which are the key geographies where competitors have been expanding their footprint, and what are their strategies?
  • What are the new business models emerging in the HVAC equipment industry, such as equipment-as-a-service?
  • What would be the preferred distribution channel to market our product group?

Manufacturing, Production & Logistics

  • Which 3D printing technologies have been used to manufacture aftermarket parts and which materials have been used for the same?
  • Which are the best low-cost sourcing destination for procurement of forging and casting parts used in our equipment?

Client's Success Stories

Industrial Manufacturing

Go to Market Strategy Recommendation for Electric Water Heater Market

Quick overview Domestic electric water heaters are an attractive market for commercial heating equipment players. A leading European commercial heating equipment manufacturer was looking to enter one of the South East Asian markets.  The engagement was focused on...