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Mobility Autonomous Mobility

Weak Signals – Identifying Your Future Opportunities

Across industries, the future holds opportunities that need to be timely identified. Weak Signals - Identifying Your Future...

Life Sciences

Innovations in Navigation and Imaging Technologies – Shaping the Future of Surgery

Non-invasive (NI) and minimally invasive (MI) surgical procedures are accomplished through sophisticated and flexible small...

Energy Electrification of Energy

Electrification of Process Heating – Capitalizing the Opportunity

Several approaches to limiting CO2 emissions have been investigated and implemented over the years. Renewables are estimated to...

Life Sciences

Cell Therapies in Solid Tumors: A bright future or a long shot

Surmounting all the challenges, 1st cell therapy approval in solid tumors is anticipated by 2022. The spectacular success of...

Strategies for Sugar Reduction in Beverages

Food and Nutrition Reduction and Reformulation

Developing a portfolio of product choices to address consumer demands related to health and zero/low-calorie alternatives Why...

Trends Shaping the Future of Snacking

Food and Nutrition

The past five years have seen substantial changes in consumer lifestyles and preferences. While the majority of the population...

Biofuels: Opportunities & Challenges

Energy New Energies

Substituting fossil fuels with renewable alternatives such as biofuels is an efficient way to reduce carbon emissions and...

Emerging Technologies of Sugar Reduction: Searching for a Sweet Success

Food and Nutrition Nutrition and Wellness

As food makers look to develop better-for-you options that are lower in sugar they are seeking out innovative approaches to the...

Smart Packaging – A Sustainable Way to Reduce Food Wastage

Feed & Nutrition

Smart packaging is a game changer in reducing and eliminating food wastage globally. Even though smart packaging is still in its...

Push for Sustainability in the Building Insulation Industry

Chemicals & Materials

Globally the most common insulating materials include concrete, mineral wool, fiberglass, foam board or rigid foam made up of...

Miniaturization Making Big Impact In Diagnostics

Life Sciences Paradigm Shift in R&D

The overall healthcare ecosystem is moving towards small set-ups from larger & complex set-ups, lead by innovations in the...

Q&A from the Webinar- CCU : Turning CO2 from a Liability into an Asset


Here are the responses to the questions asked during the webinar “CCU: Turning CO2 from a Liability into an Asset”...

Skin Quality Attributes

Life Sciences

Quick overview Our client is a global skincare leader who is always determined to bring disruptive innovations to the market....

Technology Innovations in FoodService Industry

Food and Nutrition

Industry majors are reimagining restaurants and retail stores to improve operations, service delivery and excel in customer...

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