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Sustainable Luxurious Automotive Interior Materials


Quick overview With environmental concerns and consumer preference continuing to impact the transport industry, our client...

Future of In-Vehicle AI Powered Voice-Controlled Personal Assistant

MobilityConnected Mobility

Top automakers have invested heavily in developing their own voice-controlled personal assistant; however, car owners increasingly prefer...

Microfactories – The Next Big Thing in Manufacturing

Industrial EquipmentRobotics and Automation

Since the development of the first microfactory concept in 1990, it has witnessed technological advancements and has found applications in multiple commercial manufacturing processes. The concept of microfactory also promotes the miniaturization of production...

Solid-state Batteries: The Reality for Future Mobility

MobilityElectric Mobility

Research pioneers race to accelerate roadmaps for the game-changing Solid-State Battery technology for Mobility by 2025. The recent innovation in ionic conductivity is promising. Future innovations will pave the way for improvements in cost and cycle-life, which...

EV Towing Capacity: Enabling Recreational Mobility Needs

MobilityElectric Mobility

Historically, OEMs had not focused much on Electric Vehicle’s Towing Capacity. However, the focus is changing rapidly towards the introduction of Electric Vehicles with better towing capacity. This is precisely what companies like Tesla, GM, Volkswagen, and Ford are...

Technology Roadmaps for Passenger Monitoring, Wellness & Safety

MobilityConnected Mobility

Driver monitoring systems are becoming integral parts of modern cars driven by regulation, NCAP, and market competition. What’s more, the COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating the commercialization of thermal sensing, contactless health monitoring, and...

Strategic Growth Fields

A convergence of industry transformations and exponential technologies creates a pool of opportunities


  • V2X Connectivity & Telematics
  • Advanced HMI
  • Mobility Data, Cloud & Cybersecurity


  • ADAS, Automated Driving & on demand
  • Perception Sensors & Architecture
  • Passenger Wellness & Monitoring

Shared Mobility

  • Shared Mobility & Business Models
  • Mobility-as-a-Service
  • Infotainment & Payment Services


  • Battery Energy Storage Management
  • Alternate Fuel Powertrain
  • Hybridization & 48 V


  • Circular Economy
  • Battery Second Life & Recycling
  • Smart Materials & Manufacturing
Exponential Digital Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence 85% 85%
  • Robotics 94% 94%
  • Internet of Things (IoT) 87% 87%
  • Immersive Technologies 92% 92%
  • 3D / 4D Printing 85% 85%

Business Objectives

Some examples of diverse business objectives we have worked with our clients

Strategy & Futures

  • What are the opportunities associated with the Over-the-air (OTA) update of firmware for future vehicle systems?
  • What will be the impact of 5G on in-vehicle and V2X communications?
  • How are OEMs capitalizing on new business model opportunities in the shared mobility ecosystem?
  • How viable is the vehicle-to-grid (V2G) connectivity paradigm and which countries are leading in implementing such systems?

Research Development & Innovations

  • How is the automotive industry addressing the challenges associated with vehicle cybersecurity, for safety-critical vehicle functions?
  • What are the approaches to collect data from the vehicle in real-time, and what are their pros & cons?
  • How will the features and designs of interiors evolve for purpose-built shared mobility vehicles?
  • What are the opportunities in second-life EV batteries and who are the leading players in this space today?

Growth & Market Development

  • What is the current state of Smart-City & Intelligent Transport Systems initiatives globally, and how are the capabilities likely to evolve?
  • What are the emerging features/solutions for cabin designs for future AVs focusing on occupant safety?
  • Which are the key Thermal Management approaches for prismatic battery cells, and how do they compare w.r.t. BOM costs, performance?
  • What are the opportunities in polymer / composite materials for light-weighting, and which components will be most affected?

Manufacturing, Production & Logistics

  • What are the technologies and innovations for eco-friendly manufacturing in the automotive factory setup?
  • What changes in existing manufacturing technologies will enable manufacturers a step closer to their sustainability goals?

Client's Success Stories

MobilityElectric Mobility

Future Energy Storage Mix
Quick overview To define its energy storage strategy, our client needed to determine how fuel cell technology and related infrastructures are likely to develop. In a highly disruptive energy storage arena, it is essential to identify and monitor trends and factors...

MobilityElectric Mobility

India Light EV Market Assessment
Quick overview With the aim of participating in India’s 2 and 3-wheeler electrification journey, our client wanted to build an understanding of the complete dynamics of the LEV (Light Electric Vehicles) market in India, including customer preference, regulatory...

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