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To define its energy storage strategy, our client needed to determine how fuel cell technology and related infrastructures are likely to develop. In a highly disruptive energy storage arena, it is essential to identify and monitor trends and factors that might shape the future of fuel cells. Our client services included continuous monitoring of key trends.

Client success details

FutureBridge helped our client define a continuous in-depth view of trends and map upcoming opportunities to their Opportunity Radar. Following our assessment of their needs, FutureBridge answered these questions:

Fuel cell vehicles have some inherent advantages in comparison to BEVs. However, it needs technological and infrastructure investment to realisefull potential
  • What are the key technological developments that can improve the chemistry of current fuel cell technology and impact the transportation of the future?
  • How will the development of a non-core supporting ecosystem impact the uptake of fuel cell electric vehicles?
  • What strategic part will energy storage play in the development of fuel cell technology?





FutureBridge conducted extensive primary and secondary research across OEMs, fuel cell developers, industry experts, universities, and startups to determine current and future fuel cell trends. Our research included:

  • WFM™ (Weak-signal Funnel Management)
  • STEEP Forces and Factors
  • Future outlooks using expert viewpoints
  • Hype Cycle analysis
  • Investment Priority Matrix (IPM)
  • Opportunity Radar

FutureBridge further analyzed and arranged the material on an Energy Storage Mix Radar. The Radar enabled the client to view, assess and track fuel cell opportunities under three categories: Watch, Prepare, and Act. The insights FutureBridge delivered has helped our client to define their future roadmap for their energy storage mix. Our client is using the options classified under the Act category to help them define current and future investment

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