The Mobility industry is at a transformative threshold. A new era of mobility is beginning. It is electric, autonomous, connected and shared.

Who we work with

We advise clients across the traditional automotive value chain as well as the fast changing new mobility ecosystem.

OEMs, Component Suppliers, Material Suppliers, Battery Manufacturers, Autonomous Solutions Suppliers, Aftermarket, Technology Players, Service Players, Fleet Telematics, Navigation/Mapping, Vehicle Cyber Security among other constituents of the new mobility landscape.

Our services are
designed for progress

Research & Advisory

Mobility value chain players have been leveraging our Research & Advisory capabilities to get answers to diversity of questions – from strategic to tactical to operational.

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Technology Adoption & Commercialization

Our application focused technology commercialization has been the most exhaustive across the entire automotive value chain.

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Industry Insider

Objective research and analytics on transformative technologies and solutions to uncover growth opportunities.

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Core Exponential Technologies

Find and adopt technologies globally with applications in vertical mobility, digitalization, connected & autonomous vehicles, electrification, artificial intelligence and others.

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Case Studies

Hybridization Impact and Opportunities in ICE Filters

Study the impact of hybridization on ICE oil, air & fuel filters and explore opportunities for the development of specialized filters and their implementation in hybrid vehicles
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Market Assessment for Exoskeletons

Leading industrial and automotive hydraulic system supplier focused on exploring the market potential for exoskeletons in the healthcare industry
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Technology Outlook of Automotive HMI

Leading automotive supplier focused on gaining insights regarding the future dynamics of HMI development in the automotive industry
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Application Scouting for Power Units and Valves

Leading automotive component supplier focused on exploring emerging application areas for power units and poppet valve
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