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Quick Overview

The client – A multi-billion-dollar electric motor manufacturer, sought insights on emerging new motor topologies and their enabling electric motor technologies. The robust engagement model involved :

  • Identification of new motor topologies, build materials, cooling solutions and control algorithms for high-speed motors ranging between 5 kW to 500 kW.
  • Analyzing the competition in terms of newly emerging electric motor technologies and applications as well as enabling them.
  • Shortlisting the companies to engage with in the identified technology areas and enabling a PoC.

Client success details

FutureBridge in-house experts identified emerging electric motor topologies and innovations across enabling technologies. This techno-commercial assignment placed significant emphasis on product and technological innovations by conducting a thorough exploration of new startups and competitor products that was precisely mapped across a spectrum of technical specifications.  The analysis yielded an emerging ecosystem map of electric motor innovations with the following outcomes:

Our partnership with FutureBridge helped unearth key insights on the evolving electric motors landscape to build a future-proof product roadmap with strategic focus on emerging applications.
  • New electric motor topologies enabling power-dense motors
  • Major application domains that require high power density motors other than automotive
  • Trends in windings, magnetics and thermal management for electric motors
  • The cost implications and constraints associated with the adoption of new motor topologies

We conducted in-depth analysis on electric motor innovations and trends and mapped the innovation ecosystem. The assessments included innovation scouting, competition scouting and primary interviews with external industry leaders on detailed technical analysis of alternatives, and technology advancements by a team of experienced consultants and analysts.

The foresight rich insights we provided afforded our client a strategic advantage in navigating the market landscape, ultimately empowering them with:

  • Briefing and evaluation of new motor topologies and controls for power density and efficiency improvement based on operational technologies, cooling solutions, control algorithms, and build materials
  • Trend mapping of players in cooling solutions, control algorithms, operational technologies, and build materials helping in motor power density and efficiency improvement
  • Providing key strategy insights for finalizing product roadmap and applications to focus on
  • Partner identification for specific enabling technologies and new motor topologies
  • Preliminary technology assessment and due diligence of startups

To explore tailored solutions for expanded applications, cutting-edge topologies, and empowering technologies in the electric motor innovations landscape, contact us.

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