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Connectivity. Modularity. Servitization.
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User expectations on offering predictive maintenance and real-time solutions will drive manufacturers to generate innovative revenue streams. With an increase in the usage of IoT, future Pumps & Compressors are expected to be connected, efficient, and also offer higher energy savings.

Industrial Manufacturing

Usage of IoT in the Compressed Air Industry

Importance of IoT in Compressed Air IIoT is envisaged as a positive force that can result in the introduction of sophisticated robotics (that can communicate with each other), creating future smart factories. As one of the world’s primary industrial sources, which...

Industrial Manufacturing

High Pressure Gas Compressors Market

Compressors manufacturer evaluated market expansion opportunity for gas compressors in China, Japan, South Korea, US and Middle...

Strategic Growth Fields

A convergence of industry transformations and exponential technologies creates a pool of opportunities

Robotics & Automation

  • RaaS
  • Co-Bots
  • Automation architecture

As-a-Services Models

  • Equipment-as-a-service
  • Product as-a-service
  • Results as-a-service

Industry X.0 & Digitalization

  • Virtualization
  • Advanced sensors and communication
  • Digital OEE


  • Operations improvement
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Value stream mapping
Exponential Digital Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence 85% 85%
  • Immersive Technologies 94% 94%
  • Cloud 87% 87%
  • Cybersecurity 92% 92%
  • Autonomous Vehicles 85% 85%

Business Objectives

Some examples of diverse business objectives we have worked with our clients

Strategy & Futures

  • Which are the potential acquisition targets to enable inorganic growth across the value chain?
  • How is the usage of compressed air changing among different end-use applications?
  • How is the industry addressing the megatrend on servitization?
  • What are the upcoming business models (such as pay-per-use and pay-performance), and how will they impact the industry?

Research Development & Innovations

  • What are the technological trends expected in our product group?
  • What are the design & materials solutions for usage in the products?
  • What is cutting edge in online monitoring & predictive maintenance of Pumps?
  • What is the impact of connectivity/digitalization/ IoT/ Big data analytics?

Growth & Market Development

  • What is the market potential by geography for the client’s product group?
  • What are the most promising, new & emerging applications of compressed air?
  • How (strategy) and where (segments, geographies, etc.) are competitors expanding?

Manufacturing, Production & Logistics

  • How can the concept of modularity and part reuse be applied in product development and eventually in the production of compressors?
  • What initiatives and products are under development by the competitors to address the concerns on energy wastage?

Client's Success Stories

Industrial Manufacturing

Go-to-market Strategy Recommendation for High Pressure Gas Compressors

The demand for high-pressure gas compressors is sluggish now but expected to grow. The growth will be due to factors such as an increase in demand for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles; and ‘usage of eco-friendly power generation (LNG)’. The engagement was focused on...

Industrial Manufacturing

Identifying Early Signals for Technologies and Applications in Raw Water – 2030

The raw water intake segment is expected to witness an increased usage in newer applications. The emerging and expected technologies are expected to bring disruptions. The engagement was focused on identifying key trends or early signals and accordingly analyze the...

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