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A better clinical outcome has always been a challenge that can be only addressed through personalized medicine and precision in the management of diseases through on-time diagnosis, accuracy in diagnosis, surgeries, and placement of implants, identifying narrow targets, and addressing these targets. The world is moving towards personalized medicine starting from gene-based nutrition to address life-threatening diseases such as cancer.

Precision technologies are used for surgeries and drug deliveries to improve clinical outcomes, reduced hospital stay, reduced risk of primary & secondary infection, and unintended organ exposure.


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Oncolytic Drug Delivery Platforms
Our client is a leader in the innovation of drug delivery platforms, reformulations, life-cycle management, and value-addition to existing products. The drug delivery champion wanted to expand its product portfolio to realize high revenue, cover up...

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Next Generation of Medicine – Gene Therapies
Our client has been the front runner when it comes to developing new modalities and investing in advanced technology platforms. With the significant research progression happening in the gene therapy area, they wanted to understand the state-of-the...

Unmet Needs and Challenges in Personalized Medicine – Oncology

Life SciencesParadigm Shift in R&D

Cancer is a complex disease with a high economic burden and requires an effective treatment strategy. This evolving need for effective...

Virtual Clinical Trials

Life SciencesParadigm Shift in R&D

Focusing firmly on the patient, digital approaches can theoretically transform the research landscape, enabling better, faster and...

Blockchain in Electronic Health Records (EHR) – A Distant Future but a Step in a Right Direction

Life SciencesEvolving Ecosystems

In the healthcare industry, there are growing incidences of patient mortality due to the decisions made on fragmented & inaccessible...

Value Creation in Precision Medicine through Biomarkers

Life SciencesDrug Precision

Insights on Diagnostic Biomarkers and Precision Medicine Introduction The elaborate understanding of “omics” (i.e., genomic, proteomic,...

Business Objectives

Some examples of diverse business objectives we have worked with our clients


  • What are the novel modalities of precision drug discovery that companies are focusing on?
  • Which kind of procedures and surgery devices is the most attractive for licensing precision technologies?
  • How companies have overcome the regulatory & ethical challenges for personalized therapy programs?


  • What is the microeconomics of personalized gene therapy regimes?
  • How is the overall treatment landscape changing for major cancers with companion diagnostics and specific genetic markers?
  • What are the implications for healthcare set-ups, patients, physicians, and payers for adopting minimally Invasive surgeries?


  • What are the ongoing clinical programs for gene therapy approaches in Ophthalmology, Dermatology & Oncology?
  • What kind of R&D and Innovation setup is required for CAR-T therapy?
  • What are the major learnings from the energy, sound, and navigation platforms used in aero-defense that can be adopted for increasing precision in medical devices?