The Energy industry finds itself in the midst of the largest disruptive shift since the industrial revolution two centuries ago.

Who we work with

Our Oil and Gas team closely works with companies across the value chain. On Utilities and Renewables side, we work with companies across the ecosystem.

Exploration and Production, Midstream, Downstream, Oil Field Service, and Oil and Gas Equipment Manufacturers.
Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Players, Consumption (Industrial, Residential, Commercial), Renewable Energy Companies, and Energy Storage Companies.

Our services are
designed for progress

Research & Advisory

we work with clients across the Energy and Utilities value chain, helping them adapt to the changing business dynamics, supporting them in their growth strategies and enabling them to stay ahead of the latest technological and market developments.

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Technology Adoption & Commercialization

Post our first commercialization success in the energy sector which was in Wind, we’ve since then expanded into oil & gas, energy storage, grid monitoring solutions & many others

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Industry Insider

Objective research and analytics on transformative technologies and solutions to uncover growth opportunities.

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Core Exponential Technologies

Find and adopt technologies globally with applications in energy storage, distributed generation, commercialization and digitalization.

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Case Studies

Structural Adhesives Market Assessment

Global chemical company focused on studying the formulation of structural adhesives, technologies used, and their applications
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Market Analysis for Water Treatment and Air Purification in China

Assessment of water treatment and air purification technologies in China and key players operating in the market
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Tech Landscape Renewable Energy Mix and Energy Storage

Evaluated various large scale energy storage technologies to identify the best suited solutions for client’s production sites...
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Partner Identification of HEMS Solution Provider

Major utility player explored new technology trends in Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS) and Energy Storage Solutions...
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