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Quick overview

The demand for high pressure gas compressors is sluggish now but expected to grow. The growth will be due to factors such as increase in demand of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles; and ‘usage of eco-friendly power generation (LNG)’. The engagement was focused on estimating the current and future demand of high pressure gas compressors and evaluating various growth options.

Client success details

This engagement helped the client assess the market in detail, and accordingly develop its strategy to strengthen its presence in the focus countries. Following questions were answered during the engagement:

The market has dipped owing
to sluggish growth in the manufacturing sector. However, going forward it is expected to grow with the installation of hydrogen refueling stations.
  • What is the structure of the market in the focus geographies?
  • What is the market demand and how its met?
  • Who are the key manufacturers and what are their market shares?
  • What are the types of products and service contracts provided in the high-pressure gas
    compressors domain?

FutureBridge conducted extensive secondary research and 500+ telephonic interviews to gather data which was analyzed to provide strategic recommendations. The output included

  • Identification of opportunities in specific countries, thereby providing indications which country(s) to focus
  • Prioritizing on services that can help the client increase their market share by 7–10% in a specific country

Client was able to develop an inorganic strategy to improve its reach for the current product offerings and for the aftersales service offerings for gas compressors. Client was able to identify the key competitors, prioritize on the high growth countries and develop a go-to-market plan
for the white spaces in the market. They were also able to identify suitable partners to enable their growth journey. 

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