Technology Adoption
& Commercialization

We have engaged with almost every wind turbine manufacturer from an in-licensing perspective with a focus on technologies that can improve reliability without minimal cost investments.

Our engagement with oil & gas players has been focused on both out-licensing of some of their best in class exploration processes & material innovations as well as in-licensing of solutions for inspection.

With solar thermal players the focus has once again been the potential out-licensing evaluation of specific sub-systems.

What are clients asking us:

  • Low cost manufacturing process & in-service monitoring sensors systems for the life of the wind blade
  • Commercialization evaluation of sulphur based products developed by world class oil & gas companies
  • Improved lightning strike protection systems for wind blades.
  • Out-licensing evaluation of molten energy storage systems to a whole host of potential industrial applications
  • De-icing & surface erosion protection systems/solutions for leading edges of wind blades
  • Wind gearbox hydraulic fluid monitoring systems
  • Low cost grid power quality monitoring solutions