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Intelligent decision making for smart factories

While the fourth industrial revolution was about digitization and connectivity, the fifth one is likely to be about intelligent decision-making. As the equipment manufacturing industry is getting disrupted, new challenges and opportunities are emerging. In this disrupted industry, we are advising equipment manufacturers and users in bringing a new life to physical machinery and allowing them to digitize manufacturing.


Industrial Manufacturing

3D Printing and Healthcare Opportunity
3D printing has the potential to revolutionize product development, and manufacturing in healthcare domain. It is on the verge of fulfilling the promise of personalized/ customized device or drug, a concept that is extensively being explored within...

Industrial Manufacturing

Application of Digital Twin in Industrial Manufacturing
Adoption of Digital Twin in Industrial Manufacturing While the concept of digital twin came into existence in the early 21st century, the technology is expected to reach its tipping point in the next 3–5 years, considering its widespread adoption...

Subscription of Industrial Maintenance through AR Solutions

Industrial Manufacturing

This white paper examines the current status of AR solutions and the potential disruption that they can cause in the future value chain of...

Digitization in Industrial Machinery

Natural ResourcesSmart Mining

Introduction Traditionally, Industrial Machinery (IM) manufacturers have focused on selling hardware (equipment and components) and...

Artificial Intelligence in Industrial Machinery

Industrial Manufacturing

Adoption of Artificial Intelligence in Industrial Machinery Over the last 10 years, the adoption of artificial intelligence has grown...

Business Objectives

Some examples of diverse business objectives we have worked with our clients


  • What will be the evolution of Industry 5.0 and how can we be ready for the same?
  • Which are the emerging technologies in smart sensors in manufacturing and when should we invest?
  • Which are the potential M&A targets in servicing IoT-enabled equipment?


  • What are some of the emerging challenges for our customers and how can we address them?
  • Which customer segments look most attractive for offering 3D printing services?
  • What are the different business models emerging for AI-enabled services and which model should we focus on?


  • What is the demand generated in the IIoT aftermarket and what is expected in the future?
  • What type of automation and digital products are customers looking for to increase productivity?
  • Which regulations are to be adhered to for seamless integration in an automation framework?