Energy Industry Insider

Techno-commercial lens
Contextual, Data-driven analysis
Uncovering growth opportunities for energy and power utility ecosystem participants.

Comprehensive, global coverage of technology-led transformations and growth opportunities in the oil & gas and power & utilities ecosystems enabling sustainability, digital transformation, efficiency, and novel customer propositions.


Supply volatility, renewables penetration and deregulation are challenging traditional leaders in the energy landscape to transform their business. At the same time, future-proof opportunities for incumbents and lower entry barriers for disruptors are arising from changing demand preferences, growing trends (including electrification, urbanisation, and digitalisation) and the availability of new technologies.

Our Energy Industry Insider helps clarify the strategic choices for market participants through:

  • In-depth analysis and benchmarking of technology developments
  • Ongoing tracking and assessment of players – large and small – in the global ecosystem
  • Objective recommendations of potential actions for each value chain role.

Our Focus

We track 16 evolving technological trends and challenges that are becoming increasingly critical for players across the Oil & Gas and Power & Utilities value chain. These trends include those that target energy and power generation (such as Small-scale LNG and Power-to-Gas), transform transmission, distribution, and storage (such as AMI and H2 Infrastructure & Storage) and provide insights into future demand (such as EV Charging Infrastructure and Smart Home Energy Management Systems).

Our collaboration model

  • On-demand access to comprehensive insights on available and emerging technologies – and their potential business impact and market opportunity
  • Continuous monitoring of the dynamic technology landscape, global startups and player ecosystem with periodic updates on developments, meta-patterns, funding flows and benchmark refinements
  • Access to our analysts to help you align your R&D and product development strategy with our up-to-date, competitive lens on techno-commercial advances
  • Decision support for executives and practitioners to identify potential technology scouting, M&A, investment and growth opportunities

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