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Analyst-led Membership Program for Technology and Business Leaders in the Energy Ecosystem

Deep Techno-Commercial Insights on FUTURE ENERGY
  • Technology Developments & Benchmarking
  • Player & Start-Ups Ecosystem
Actionable Intelligence on 16 TRANFORMATIVE TRENDS
  • Breakthrough Innovations & Roadmaps
Dynamic Online Platform Backed by ANALYST SUPPORT
  • Collaboration Opportunities

Disruption has become the norm of the energy transition. Energy Insider helps you to successfully navigate tomorrow’s energy ecosystem.

New technologies, players, and business models are shaping the energy ecosystem in seemingly umpredictable ways. Energy Insider helps oversee and interpret all key industry developments to promptly identify threads and leverage new opportunities.

Energy Insider’s four key program constituents underpin a forward-looking, integrated, collaboration model that delivers on-demand insights and
Analyst Support through a proprietary online platform

Executive Lens / Trend Deep Dive
Bi-annual comprehensive coverage of key technologies and players
  • Technology solutions
  • Roadmaps
  • Comparative benchmarking
  • Players ecosystem
  • investment & collaboration
  • Breakthrough science
  • Management-level summary
Industry Pulse
Quarterly analysis of emerging patterns that inform clients’ theses and guide strategic direction
  • Summary of developments
  • FutureBridge viewpoint
  • Implications for the value chain
Start-ups Tracker
Quarterly view of global start-ups activity to highlight new, emerging, and buzzing disruptors
  • Interactive, categorized dashboard
  • Up-to-date global database
  • Regional segmentation
  • Full company profiles
Industry Bulletin
Monthly curation of techno-commercial developments
  • Analyst-selected key developments
  • Summaries and detailed primary sourcing
  • Contextual, deeper analysis via Spotlights

Future of Energy | 16 Transformative Trends | Backed by Analyst Support


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