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Evolving farming technologies, practices, and urban tools have revolutionized agrarian communities. Innovation provides an opportunity to the agricultural communities to increase productivity and better manage natural resources. As the industry is growing with transformative connectivity and breakthrough tools, agricultural producers seek solutions that can be adapted to grow in the sector.

At FutureBridge, our food and nutrition practice uses its extensive technical and market know-how to solve your complex business challenges. We enable you to identify and thrive through the evolving tools and technologies to create and capitalize on new opportunities.

Emerging Non-thermal Technologies in Food Processing

Industrial Manufacturing

Non-thermal food processing is being explored as a sustainable alternative to traditional heating methods such as gas burners, steam, etc. It is also beneficial in terms of product shelf-life as some non-thermal technologies can improve the shelf life by around 2-3...

Transformation in Agriculture Practices – Vertical Farming

Food and Nutrition

This webinar focuses on the need for vertical farming and innovations in the space To meet the growing demand of the increasing population and with the limitation of cultivable land, there is a need to explore ways to optimally utilize land resources. One such way is...
Future Opportunities in Functional Foods

Future Opportunities in Functional Foods

Food and Nutrition

The functional food market is expected to be approximately a USD 268 Bn market by 2027. A large section of the population is taking preventive steps like the inclusion of healthier alternatives in diets, which act as preventive healthcare to tackle health issues....
Food Trends for 2023

Whats on the menu? Food Trends for 2023

Food and Nutrition

As we navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of the food industry, innovative technology from other sectors could be key to shaping a more sustainable and healthy future. Listen to Edward Bergen (Senior Analyst for Food & Nutrition at FutureBridge) on EIT Foods’...

Strategic Growth Fields

A convergence of industry transformations and exponential technologies creates a pool of opportunities

Reduction & Reformulation

  • Sugar, salt & fat reduction
  • Clean label
  • Functional healthy ingredients
  • Alternative proteins

Nutrition & Wellness

  • Pro/Pre/Syn-biotics
  • Specialized nutrition
  • Changing diet preferences
  • Personalization

Packaging & Delivery Innovation

  • Convenient & interactive packaging
  • New business models & demand moments
  • Connected packaging & traceability
  • Waste reduction & valorization

Sustainable Value Networks

  • Sustainable sourcing
  • Process innovation & digitalization
  • Advanced sustainable agriculture
  • Industrial manufacturing innovations
Exponential Digital Technologies
  • Sustainability 85% 85%
  • Digitalization 94% 94%
  • Business Model Innovation 87% 87%
  • Synthetic Biology 92% 92%
  • Big Data & Clinical Algorithms 85% 85%

Business Objectives

Some examples of diverse business objectives we have worked with our clients

Strategy & Futures

  • What are the future-gazing opportunities in the industry for the sustained market position?
  • As we think farm-to-fork, how can we improve the sustainability profile of our operations across waste tracking-reducing-repurposing?
  • How can we establish a circular economy-based business model in our food and feed business?
  • How can we deploy regenerative agriculture practices to meet the transforming industry demands?

Research Development & Innovations

  • What is the impact of the transformative tools and technologies on agricultural practices?
  • What are the potential opportunities and emerging concepts for sustainable production?
  • What are the approaches for reformulating waste from oil, sugar, and related industries, resulting in a sustainable circular loop in the food & nutrition industry?
  • What are the potential strategies to deploy transformative tools and technologies by the various value chain stakeholders in the food and feed industry?

Growth & Market Development

  • What are the unique and emerging technologies used for regenerative agriculture?
  • What are the tools for continuous monitoring of produces yield and quality?
  • What is the current and evolving market scenario for precision farming practices?
  • What is the role of precision agriculture in sustainable agriculture intensification?

Client's Success Stories