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Staying ahead in an ever-changing food, beverage and nutrition industry

The food and nutrition industry is facing major change and shifting consumer expectations. Today’s leaders need to leverage all available information to identify market opportunities and stay in sync with transformative trends shaping the industry.

Food & Nutrition Insider provides a techno-commercial lens on key industry trends 

Defining strategic choices for participants

The intersection of technological trends and evolving challenges are causing a seismic shift in todays global food and nutrition sector. The emergence of new business models, and increased competition between traditional players and disruptive startups will intensify. Food and Nutriiton Insider gives you a 360° view, that continuously monitors the dynamic and unpredictable landscape.

  • Unparalleled depth of insights
  • Enable informed strategic decisions
  • Dynamic monitoring of technological landscape
  • Objective recommendations



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Benefits of Food & Nutrition Industry Insider


Uncover growth opportunities

Provide objective recommendations

Identify potential technology scouting and collaboration opportunities

Focused on the Future of Food


Our forward looking, integrated and collaborative model delivers on-demand access that guides industry leaders, R&D teams, innovators and industry strategists to navigate an increasingly autonomous, intelligent, connected, electrified and sustainable future. Identifying potential technology, collaboration and growth opportunities we help you assess tech advancements and align to your R&D.

We see more, because we look for more

Driven by transformational technologies and market developments

We track key evolving and technological trends that are critical for players across the food and beverage value chain. These trends include those that target ingredients and sourcing (such as alternative proteins and urban agriculture), transform production and packaging (such as smart packaging and industrial manufacturing innovation), and deliver novel consumer experiences (such as clean label and sugar reduction)

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