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11 Trends across the Strategic Growth Fields of Food & Nutrition


Comprehensive coverage of technologies and players

Technology landscape & benchmarking
Consumer tensions & regulatory pressures
Players, investment & collaborations
Early signals & breakthrough science
Management-level summary

Emerging patterns to inform clients’ strategic theses

Bubbling themes & strategies
Global consumer trends and regulatory dynamics
Research and innovation patterns
Stand-out players and investments

Briefing on techno-commercial developments

Analyst-curated critical signals
Category-specific impact summaries
Contextual, deep-dive spotlights

Global view of emerging and buzzing disruptors

Interactive dashboard atop a worldwide database
Regional segmentation
Trending areas and whitespaces
Detailed company profiles

Interviews with start-up executives and innovators

Deep insights into start-ups’ offerings and strategy
Competitive differentiators as seen by founders
Conversations, stakeholder panels, and webinars

Customized insights for greater relevance

Access FutureBridge analysts and domain experts
Deeper dives into your focus areas
Sounding-board discussions and workshops
Unique reports and targeted webinars


Food & Nutrition Insider helps you navigate to your growth opportunities

Strategy & Futures

  • Future market scenarios, consumer tensions, and roadmaps
  • Competitive intelligence & solution benchmarking
  • Emerging business models and whitespaces

Research & Product Development

  • Technological advances and new players and strategies
  • Emerging use-cases and early techno-commercial signals
  • Regulatory scenarios and clinical validations

Ventures and Open Innovation

  • Start-up targets for collaboration and acquisition
  • Co-development partners for faster time-to-market
  • Due diligence of technologies and players


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