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Food and Nutrition

Patent Analysis: A Window into the future

The article focuses on the importance of patent research and how innovators can utilize patent insights to predict what, how,...


Green Ammonia – An Alternative Fuel

Currently, the whole world is facing the challenge of climate change and the global temperature is rising mainly because of...


Towards Decarbonising Marine Fuels

As per International Maritime Organization (IMO), the shipping industry’s annual Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions total more than...


Green Hydrogen from Offshore Wind

Green hydrogen can play a vital role in helping reach net zero emissions within the coming decades and recently announced green...

Autonomous Haulage Systems – The Future of Mining Operations

A transition toward autonomous operations in mining Autonomy in mining began in 1990 with Komatsu Mining using the Field...

Precision Agriculture – The Digital Future of Farming

Food and Nutrition

Crop production is struggling to keep up with the need to feed the growing population and the challenge is intensified by the...

Paradigm Shift in Automotive Aftermarket: Strategies to succeed

Mobility Sustainability

With vehicle manufacturers aiming at becoming mobility providers and incorporating electric offerings into their portfolio,...

Sodium Reduction in Food: Enabling Techno-commercial Strategies

Food and Nutrition

Sodium reduction is a growing trend in the food industry which is largely driven by the regulatory pressure forcing companies to...

Photonics to Power AI


With the rapid advancements of AI and ML applications, a quickly developing marketplace for processors that can better...

Waste Valorization for High-Value Food Ingredients

Food and Nutrition Sustainable Value Networks

Food loss and waste cause about $940 billion yearly in economic losses. The demand for sustainable natural ingredients has led...

Pathways to Accelerate Sustainable Mobility: De-fossilization, Materials Circularity & Higher Utilization

Despite the latest commitments for the ban of Internal Combustion Engines and targets for carbon neutrality, transport is still...

Precision Fermentation – Profiting the Sustainable Way

Feed & Nutrition

Global Food Manufacturers find Precision Fermentation as a more sustainable, eco-friendly, lower carbon footprint, and...

Green Hydrogen from Offshore Wind: Viable and Scalable Business Case?


The Green Hydrogen industry is forecasted to become a multibillion-dollar industry with 200+ million tons to be traded by 2030...

Innovations in Navigation and Imaging Technologies – Shaping the Future of Surgery

Life Sciences

Non-invasive (NI) and minimally invasive (MI) surgical procedures are accomplished through sophisticated and flexible small...

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