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Quick overview

Domestic electric water heaters are an attractive market for commercial heating equipment players. A leading European commercial heating equipment manufacturer was looking to enter one of the South East Asian markets.  The engagement was focused on understanding the market structure, competitive structure, potential opportunity, and best market entry strategy.

Client success details

The engagement helped the client to align their market entry strategy, based on which, they established their presence in this South East Asian market. Following questions were answered during the engagement:

With no import duty on electric water heaters most of the global players have preferred two routes of entry: through imports either by own office or third party and then by setting-up own manufacturing unit.
  • What is the current and future market potential for ‘Electric Water Heaters’ and how is the market segmented?
  • Who are the key suppliers of ‘Electric Water Heaters’ and what are their product offerings?
  • What are the cultural barriers for new entrants and what is the best market entry?

FutureBridge conducted an extensive secondary research and 100+ telephonic interviews and 50+ on the ground face to face interviews to gather data which was analyzed to provide strategic recommendations. The output included

  • Multiple market entry options with recommendations
  • Market opportunity and competitive insights
  • Detailed value chain and cost structure assessment with competitive pricing insights

FutureBridge further analyzed current industry activities, proposals, and the plans of key players, plus various related technical, commercial, and regulatory factors to understand the future of the Li-Ion battery value chain. The manufacturing cost analysis of each additive and LiPF6 salt was done. The work FutureBridge carried out enabled our clients to define their business plan and operational roadmaps.

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