Home Electrification of Process Heating – Capitalizing on the Opportunity

Several approaches to limiting CO2 emissions have been investigated and implemented over the years. Renewables are estimated to be cost-efficient within the next decade to provide >50% of the world’s electricity demand when compared to fossil-based power generation. This change would also mean complimenting the shift which is happening in the electrification of the existing industrial processes. This paradigm shift of electrification can be achieved in a step-by-step manner, beginning with the electrification of low (< 100 °C) to medium (100-500 °C) heating applications, and then eventually to the high (> 500 °C) heating applications in the industries. The changing regulations and policy support for electric systems will further drive electrification in the industrial sector.

The webinar will provide in-depth coverage of the key industries, focusing on opportunities to electrify their major process heat applications (low, medium, and high). In-depth coverage of the drivers which are leading to electrification in the industry, including the regulatory push at the global and regional levels, the industrial benefits (process improvement leading to better efficiencies), the technological developments, the carbon taxes, and so on, which will further drive the shift.

The webinar will not only provide a global perspective on the carbon emissions through various industrial sectors but also how the energy transition is helping to overcome this gap. The focus will be built through one of the pillars of decarbonization i.e. Electrification. Through the coverage of key industries and their processes (involving a different set of process heat applications), the webinar will help the stakeholders to capitalize on the electrification opportunities within their own industry.

  • What is the global potential and changing landscape of process electrification in various industries?
  • What are the potential applications of electrification in the key processes?
  • How can investments and government support help with the electrification of the industry?
  • What is the way forward (growth opportunities, challenges, etc.)? What is FutureBridge’s take on how electrification of process heat can become an asset to the industrial sector for various applications?

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