Home Green Hydrogen Economy: Challenges and Opportunities

More than 95% of all the Hydrogen produced in the world is from fossil fuel power sources. The demand from various end-users has been increasing over the years. Therefore the opportunities in decarbonizing hydrogen production are immense, especially with support from countries and EU member states through legislation. And the potential of this carbon-free hydrogen is immense with respect to its application in industries – chemicals, manufacturing, transportation, electricity, heating, etc.

However, the real questions lie in unearthing these possibilities in a way that truly helps businesses to see the opportunities clearly on technologies, markets, players, and regulations and accordingly chart their business strategies.

In this webinar we will focus on:

  • Grey vs green hydrogen: Transitioning from grey to green hydrogen as end-users and who produces green hydrogen
  • Electrolyzer technologies – Deciding between alkaline, PEM, and SOEC, and suppliers to choose from
  • Infrastructure – Large scale infrastructure for transport and storage of green hydrogen
  • Markets – Determining supply and demand levels in the future and how policies will shape this sector

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