Home Green Hydrogen from Offshore Wind: Viable and Scalable Business Case?

The Green Hydrogen industry is forecasted to become a multibillion-dollar industry with 200+ million tons to be traded by 2030 from almost being non-existent today. However, the key questions remain on the global economic viability and scalability of green hydrogen. There are many potential solutions to the issue but one particular solution much debated in the industry is Green Hydrogen from renewable sources. Is Green Hydrogen from renewable energy a viable and scalable option?

This webinar will uncover various aspects of renewable energy, and technology parameters that determine the economics and viability of Green Hydrogen, LCOE, and LCOH cost estimates. Finally, the landed cost of Green Hydrogen ultimately matters to the end consumer.

FutureBridge will explore and showcase the opportunities and challenges faced in the green hydrogen industry from renewable energy, potential global hotspots where it can be deployed, and why there is a growing interest in this area.

  • Green Hydrogen Projects: Key Challenges to move Project from Drawing Board to On Ground? & How to address them?
  • Business Use cases for green hydrogen using renewable energy
  • Key markets assessment with a focus on policies and regulations, supply chain, investments, and cost of production
  • Challenges and Solutions associated with green hydrogen production

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