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Quick overview

The client is a leading player in immuno-oncology and aspires to remain a leader with an increased difference/revenue gap from the followers. To achieve this client wanted to ride on existing and upcoming trends and therefore wanted to determine all the weak signals that may convert to future trends, possible disruptions, potential assets/targets/MoAs with high promise of addressing multiple unmet needs in SCCHN (Head and Neck Cancer).

Client success details

To achieve this FutureBridge recommended the evaluation of evidence from preclinical, clinical, and patent levels. FutureBridge answered several key business questions :

Overlaid the finding with KOL insights derived through primary research (~20), and Web survey (150) with KOLs/Practitioners/Observers in the US.
  • What are the targets/MoAs/modalities in all stages of innovation and development (early and clinical) that have shown promising efficacy/safety to transform SCCHN landscape?
  • What are the targets/MoAs/modalities in clinics that are yet to demonstrate efficacy/safety, however, have shown early signals of activity in preclinical models and can emerge in the distant future?
  • What is the availability of selected assets for partnership/in-licensing?

FutureBridge conducted extensive primary and secondary research to develop a concise view. These insights would be leveraged by the client to align their R&D efforts, take investment decisions, and formulate a long-term strategy to maintain a leadership position in SCCHN.

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