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Quick overview

A leading pharma company wanted to take investment decisions and design a long-term development strategy for CT and therefore wanted to conduct a situational assessment and predict long-term business opportunities in the area of CT in solid tumors.

Client success details

Our client was able to gain a thorough understanding of the current and emerging landscape, novel construct designs and their benefits, and strategic options available to choose from. FutureBridge answered several strategic business questions including :

Key learnings from successes, failures, and challenges observed in the clinical landscape of cell therapies in solid tumors
  • What is the current & emerging landscape of CT in solid tumors? ¡ CAR-T | ¡ TCR-T
  • What are the most suitable strategic options, respective drivers, restraints, and mid to long-term rewards for CT?
  • What are the options that align with developmental capabilities and offer portfolio synergy?
  • Which are the disruptive platforms that could be in-licensed to ensure leadership in the CT domain?

FutureBridge’s insights assisted the client to understand  

  • Promising targets, constructs, platforms, and potential indications/segments for CTs development in solid tumors
  • Key learnings from successes, failures, and challenges observed in the space
  • Platforms available for partnership and strategic choices with high rewards and benefits in alignment with portfolio synergy and developmental capabilities

These insights further supported the client in device a robust cell therapy strategy, prioritizing potential platforms for partnership and making well informed investment decisions

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