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The therapeutic potential of cell therapies is an established fact, but whether will they be able to overcome challenges posed by Solid Tumors remains a question. With innovative strategies, many types of cell therapies are being developed by Industry and academia with a focus on succeeding in Solid tumors. Engineered receptors (like CAR/ TCR), novel gene-editing techniques (CRISPR/ Transposons/ lentiviral, etc), scaling processes, etc are being developed to actualize the dream of transforming patients’ treatment through cell therapies.

Let’s explore the upcoming disruptive innovations that will bring about a paradigm shift in the development and success of cell therapies in solid tumors.

FutureBridge’s Oncology Analysts in this webinar cover:

  • Residual unmet needs that are unlikely to be answered by upcoming platforms
  • The focus of current innovations on improving cell therapies
  • What innovation trend is driving the technological reform in cell therapies?
  • Reproducible quick manufacturing and scaling platforms of cell therapies
  • Innovative platforms that hold the potential to push cell therapy toward success in Solid Tumors
  • FutureBridge’s vision and take on industry transformation

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