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Surmounting all the challenges, 1st cell therapy approval in solid tumors is anticipated by 2022.

The spectacular success of cell therapies observed in heme tumors is not yet realized in solid tumors, however, stepped-up efforts to defeat unyielding tumor micro-environment and mechanisms of cell therapy dysfunction have started to bear fruits. Innovative approaches to engineer cell therapies from diverse immune cell sources e.g. adoptive TILs, CAR-T cells, TCR T cells, gamma delta T cells, NK cells, and macrophages have begun to show durable benefit. Early promise is noted in high unmet need, difficult to treat tumors where established agents and even immunotherapies have failed to generate optimal responses.

If you have already placed the bets on cell therapies in the solid tumor franchise and want to stay ahead of the curve or if you are planning to invest but want to test the waters before embarking, then together let’s explore the veracity of cell therapy’s disruptive potential and strategic, stepwise approach to identify the most attractive opportunities to focus on.

FutureBridge’s Oncology Analysts in this webinar will cover:

  • Why there is a strong interest to develop cell therapies in solid tumors?
  • What is the scale of development, opportunity universe, and where lies the promise?
  • What are the disruptive trends and technologies that will shape the future?
  • Which residual unmet needs are unlikely to be answered by upcoming platforms?
  • Who are the players and where are they investing in cell therapies?
  • How the regulatory framework is evolving to support development & adoption?
  • What next for you if you have placed your bets or not or are about to?
  • FutureBridge’s vision and take on industry transformation

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