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Quick Overview

Our client, the Senior leadership of a well-known Future Research team at a global luxury carmaker was determined to establish a robust framework for consistently identifying early-stage technologies and future opportunities across relevant Science & Technology (S&T) domains. With a vision to institute a robust Technology Foresight process, the team aimed to achieve the following key goals:

  • Ensure the Future Research team accesses a comprehensive array of S&T signals before they become widely recognized.
  • Efficiently differentiate pertinent signals from isolated anomalies, especially in novel or unfamiliar S&T domains.
  • Monitor early-stage technologies/weak signals through the critical transition from ‘interesting’ to ‘actionable’.

Client success details

FutureBridge derived proprietary Weak-Signal Management (WSM) framework delivered the required attributes through proven tools and idea-scouting approaches. Drawing from extensive experience across diverse industries like Energy, Specialty Chemicals, Food & Nutrition, and Life Sciences, FutureBridge tailored a program based on the WSM framework to pinpoint early-stage technologies and opportunities, especially those outside the automotive realm that are typically hard to locate and monitor over time. The program delivered the following benefits to the Future Research team:

The WSM program assists our technology foresight campaign by periodically focusing on promising technological trends while excluding fads.
  • Identified early-stage technologies and future opportunities, both within and outside the automotive domain.
  • Established a technology hopper mechanism to discern one-time blips from notable weak signals.
  • Located qualified weak signals aligned with the client’s expertise and future strategy, emphasizing high-value impact on future mobility.
  • Provided support in developing a technology roadmap for pursuing high-value weak signals, along with periodic tracking of their progress in the near term future.

By incorporating Brain-Machine Interface (BMI) technology from the Digital Technologies domain, a new era of innovation has emerged in automotive growth and development. This strategic initiative not only fostered a collaborative partnership but also yielded a tailored solution finely attuned to the passenger vehicle segment. The business benefits include:

  • Technological Leap: BMI integration represents a significant leap forward in integrating human cognition with digital technology, fundamentally reshaping the automotive industry.
  • Versatile Applications: The incorporation of BMI has spurred a comprehensive exploration of its diverse applications within the automotive sector, unlocking a myriad of potential use cases.
  • Tailored Solution Development: This endeavor culminated in a strategic partnership focused on crafting a bespoke solution precisely designed for the unique requirements and demands of the passenger vehicle segment.

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