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Quick overview

With consumer preferences tilting towards plant-based products, a prominent confectionery ingredients manufacturer embarked on a mission to harness this shift, specifically in the realm of vegan milk chocolates. The company’s primary objectives included:

  • A comprehensive grasp on the current and evolving solutions for vegan milk chocolate.
  • Pinpointing ingredients adaptable for vegan chocolate.
  • Discerning the tangible and sensory repercussions of new ingredient additions.

Client success details

Using a robust research methodology that encompassed web-based research, encompassing technology-specific portals, blogs, journals, databases, expert opinions, conferences, and seminars, as well as proprietary data sources like market research reports and whitepapers, a systematic approach to technology scouting was adopted.

The extensive engagement resulted in:

In the sphere of vegan milk chocolates, the prevalence of rice and nut-based options is a testament to their dual appeal: a natural, alluring sweetness combined with the virtue of being exceptionally hypoallergenic

Insights into Vegan Milk Chocolate:

  • Detailed understanding of the vegan milk chocolate landscape covering the existing solutions and emerging technology space
  • Identification of pivotal entities offering vegan white milk chocolate concepts.

Innovative Ingredient Landscape:

  • Comprehensive insight into ingredients that have the potential to revolutionize vegan chocolate-based formulations and manufacturing technologies.

Nutritional Profile Analysis:

  • A thorough comparison of the nutritional profile of vegan milk chocolate against conventional counterparts.

Mapping the Contributors:

  • Pinpointing the leading contributors and the geographical landscape shaping the vegan milk chocolate industry.

The direct outcomes for the client were compelling:

  • Successfully identifying both established and nascent solutions in the vegan milk chocolate domain.
  • Pinpointing adaptable ingredients for vegan chocolate, bolstering the company’s product range.
  • An in-depth analysis of the physical and sensory impacts of the end-product, ensuring the best fit solutions guarantee product excellence suitable for the client’s portfolio requirements.

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