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Mobility Connected Mobility

Regulations, Collaborative Business Model & Funding Fuel ADAS

In this bulletin we cover: major developments in ADAS and AD spotlight on AEye’s IDAR...

Mobility Connected Mobility

Active Safety Regulations to Enable Mass Adoption of Advanced Safety Systems

Intelligent integrated active safety systems can mitigate many types of crashes and regulatory impetus is required for mass...

Mobility Shared Mobility

Top Technologies Making Shared Mobility Services Safe, Secure & Trustworthy

Consumer trust, road safety, and security, physical and cyber, are critical components for the mass adoption of...

Mobility Shared Mobility

Future Mobility and its Impact on Entrants

Quick overview The convergence of Connectivity, Autonomous Driving, Shared Mobility, Electrification, and Sustainability has...

ADAS Features Validation Strategy

Mobility Connected Mobility

Quick overview To define it’s testing and validation offerings strategy for the automated vehicle segment, the client...

Evolving Dynamics of HMI Value Chain

Mobility Connected Mobility

Quick overview To define its HMI growth strategy, the client aimed to determine how the value chain and the toolchain for...

Solid-state Batteries to Make Inroads in EVs by 2025

Mobility Electric Mobility

Research pioneers race to accelerate roadmaps for the game-changing Solid-State Battery technology for Mobility by 2025. The...

FutureBridge Predicts When Solid-State Battery Cost Will Match Lithium-Ion

Mobility Electric Mobility

3 Mar 2021 Watch the news here Many of you know that Toyota and Quantumscape are working on solid-state batteries. And now we...

Shared Mobility – A Key to Sustainable Future

Mobility Shared Mobility

In 2015, the United Nations adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, as a universal...

Future of Device Connectivity

Mobility Connected Mobility

Quick overview Our client needed help to define their roadmap to develop new wireless connectivity products for vehicles. To...

48V Tech to Accelerate the Two-wheeler Segment’s Electrification

Mobility Electric Mobility

Key takeaways in this bulletin include: Industrial Tracker Spotlight on mild-hybridization strategy of Volvo Cars OEM of the...

A Business Plan for Battery as a Service

Mobility Shared Mobility

Quick overview Our client specializes in electric and battery-powered vehicles in underground mining. They needed our help to...

Funding of Startups Across Mobility Business Models

Mobility Autonomous Mobility

What’s inside Deeper analysis of the most important developments that took place in the month of November Spotlight...

ADAS and AD in Passenger & Commercial Vehicles

Mobility Connected Mobility

What’s inside? Watch out for robo-taxis by Aurora, Zoox for future ride-hailing services and autonomous deliveries...

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