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The convergence of Connectivity, Autonomous Driving, Shared Mobility, Electrification, and Sustainability has revolutionized tomorrow’s mass & private transport businesses. With an aim to participate more in the future mobility value chain, an insurance provider wanted to understand the future of personal mobility and develop a strategic roadmap of offerings for the mobility sector

Client success details

Client success details
The engagement helped the client to define a strategic roadmap for offering personal mobility solutions and identify partners for fulfilling their strategic roadmap. Following business questions were answered during the engagement:

Mobility is expected to be a very different proposition in 2030. what we drive, how we pay for them, how they are made and who makes them, will all be vastly different inside the next decade
  • What does the future of mobility look like? What are the new business models in mobility that are expected to emerge?
  • What are the key business opportunities for the client to focus on? What are the market and regional viability of these opportunities?
  • What are the collaboration models to be adopted for selected opportunities? Who are the best-fit partners for the same?




FutureBridge conducted extensive primary research across connectivity, shared, autonomous, electrified mobility players, and OEMs. The output included

  • Identification of opportunities that can significantly shape future mobility
  • Prioritizing Opportunities to assign their relative importance based on impact, probability & adoption
  • Rendering Future Mobility through cumulative assessment of opportunities & value offerings

The client was able to envision the direction in which mobility was moving in and how this would affect products that were in their portfolio today. Based on the future of mobility, the client was further able to determine which were the “must-have” products for future demand needs. Accordingly, they were able to identify the best-fit partners and competencies for future development.

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